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S Cawaii Super Eye Make-up Book. Page 20~21


Let’s Try the Chinatti Make-up Style!

Moe but not too girly, the perfect EYE length


Recommended Items

A: http://www.rimmellondon.jp/product/eyes/eyes_12.html
Soft Melty Glam Gradation Eyes 003 ¥1,680/RIMMEL

B: http://www.kissme.co.jp/product/heav…html#hv_marker
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker Liquid Eyeliner ¥1,050/ISEHAN

C: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10004930/top
Diamond Lash Fairy eye ¥1,050/SHO-BI

D: http://www.maybelline.co.jp/specials…_wp/index.html
Volume Express Magnum Waterproof 01 ¥1,280/MAYBELLINE

E: Wing Beat’s Nature is lovely. S-2


Chinatti Make-up Points

1. Aim for oblong almond-shaped eyes
Long bambi eyes will give a childish look, so we need to increase the width of the eyes. With big eyes, adding false lashes on both the top and bottom eyelids will leave a cool impression.

2. Eyeliner as thin as possible!
Chinatti has narrow double eyelids, so a thick layer of eyeliner will be visible on the double lids. Eyeliner should be drawn as thin as possible, and close to the lashline.

3. Heavy eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye
To emphasize the oblong eye shape, a point is to have long & thick false lashes on the outer corner of the eyes. For the lower lashes, attach several layers of false lashes near the outer corner of the eye to give a bunched feeling.



01: Base eyeshadow on eyelid
Dip brush into Product A’s colour a, and apply eyeshadow from the inner to outer corner of the entire eyelid. Try to apply an even coat!

02: Brown eyeshadow on double eyelid
Dip tip of brush into Product A’s colour b, apply on the upper lashline. Shade into the area below the double eyelid crease. Extend the colour out of the outer corner of the eye, as if your eyes are longer.

03: Lightly tap eyeshadow on lower lashline
Dip thin brush into Product A’s colour c, trace along the entire lower lashline. Start from the outer corner of the eye and work inwards slowly.

04: Extend eyeliner outside of the corner of the eye
With Product B, draw a thin line along the upper lashline. At the corner of the eye, extend the line about 2~3mm and add a little thickness there!

05: Curl lashes with a curler
Use the curler on lashes until a slight curl is achieved. If lashes are firmly curled right at the roots, it’s harder for it to blend with the false lashes.

06: Apply false lashes, starting from the middle
Paste Product C’s lashes onto the middle of the eyelid, adjust the inner corner of the eye first, then the outer corner. Keep eyes slightly open until fixed.

07: Cut false lashes for use
Take one more false lash from Product C, and cut the lash 1/3 from the inner corner, where the lashes are less thick. Use only the outer side of the lash for the next step.

08: Slowly crowd lashes at the outer corner of eye
Using the cut lashes from Step 07, add lash volume to the outer corner of the eye. Following the extended eyeline from Step 04, fix the false lashes starting from the outermost point of this line.

09: Mascara from the roots
Using Product D’s mascara, apply generously from the roots of the lashes to the tips. Apply liberally especially to the outer corner lashes to get a bunched feeling

10: Three bunches of false lashes on the lower outer corner of eye
Using Product E’s lower lashes, fix in 3 bunches of false lashes in the area between the outer corner of the eye and the pupil. Fix them on top of the natural lashes, and the look is complete!