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S Cawaii Super Eye Make-up Book. Page 24~25


Megumi Ikeda / Ikemegu’s Country Girl Style

Orange based make-up is fresh and in, especially with messy bangs!!


Recommended Items

A: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2924787/top
White Essential Make-up Base/CHANEL

B: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10011991/top

C: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2923880/top
Stick Foundation/LAURA MERCIER

D: http://www.official-shops.com/search/1/0/2/item.html
Cream Cheek Honey Orange/IKEMEGU PROJECT

E: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/287036/top
Microfill Loose Powder/GIORGIO ARMANI

F: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/279353/top
Bibo Eyeful Eyebrow Pencil/BIBO

G: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/281183/top
Make-up Colour Variation/CHACOTT

H: http://www.am-shuuemura.jp/makeup/cheekcolor/

I: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10026447/top
Colouring Eyeshadow 01/KISS ME HEAVY ROTATION

J: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2913507/top

K: http://www.maccosmetics.co.jp/produc…cil/index.tmpl
M.A.C Power Point Eye Pencil Engraved/M.A.C

L: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10004113/top

M: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10004930/top
Diamond Lash Fairy eye/SHO-BI

N: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/drug-ueda/4977324410715/
Decorative Eyelash Lower Eyelash Cross Short/KENKO

O: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2938528/top
MS Mascara/IINA

P: http://www.narsjapan.com/html/color/lipstick.htm
Lipstick 1001/NARS JAPAN

Q: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2903259/top
SUI Lipgloss 600/ANNA SUI



01: Create soft-looking skin. Use base sparingly
Instead of applying Product A’s base onto the whole face, concentrate only on certain areas to reduce redness. This is because this product contains pearls that gives a highlight effect.

02: Concealer is important!! Hide the eyebags
Next, use Product B’s concealer on the dakr areas below the eyes and other areas of concern. Use the finger to slowly and gently spread and blend the concealer in.

03: Not using too much foundation is key
Apply Product C’s stick foundation on areas of concern, spreading only a thin layer. This look requires a soft base.

04: For cuteness: Orange Rouge near the centre of the face!
Using your finger, pick up some of Product D’s cream cheek and tap gently onto the top area of the cheek. Applying the rouge near the centre of the face creates a cute image!

05: Finish with powder! Base is complete~
Finish off the base make-up with Product E’s powder. Gently press the powder onto the entire face. The cream cheek applied in Step 04 will stand out naturally.

06: Careful not to overdo the brows! Draw in only the ends of the brows
Using Product F’s eyebrow pencil, define a general shape for the brows. Limit drawing only to the ends of the brows. Firm application will result in an unnaturally old image.

07: Slowly apply powder from the brow arch to the start of the brows
With a brush, apply Product G’s powder gentle from the brow arch to the start of the brows. Be careful not to thicken the brows! I love using Hakudo’s brushes~

08: Avoid creating the nose shadow on the same level as the eye
Create a nose shadow with the remaining powder on the eyebrow brush, from the bridge to the tip of the nose. Do not apply in the region right beside the eye, as this creates a hollow-eyed look.

09: Adding colour to the brows brings out the nuance!
With a brush, lightly tap the pink powder from Product H at the start of the brows. This adds a highlight to the brow area!

10: Tidy up the brow hairs with brow mascara
Apply Product I’s brow mascara. This tones up the colour of the entire brow!

11: Start eyeshadow with beige powder
On the upper eyelid, first use Product J’s colour A: beige on the entire eyelid. After that, use colour B: rich brown on the area below the double eyelid crease.

12: Divide the lower lashline into 2 parts. First, bright colour on the inner side
For the lower lashline, use Product J’s colour A on the inner corner of the eye. Apply this in the narrow area from the inner corner to the centre of the eye. This makes your eyes appear large and watery.

13: Rich colour on the outer area of the lower lashline
Next, apply Product J’s colour B on the outer corner of the lower lashline in a triangular shape.

14: Pencil in gaps between eyelash in upper lashline
After curling eyelashes with a curler, use Product K’s pencil to fill in the gaps between the lashes. Do this only for the upper lashline, leave the bottom lashline untouched for gentle-looking eyes.

15: Liquid eyeliner to extend a thin line beyond the corner of the eye
Draw a line on the upper lashline using Product L’s liquid eyeliner. A thin line will do! At the outer corner of the eye, extend the line a little beyond the end of your eye.

16: False lashes on upper lashline, lesser volume at inner corner of eye
Attach Product M’s false lashes to the upper lashline. Attach the lashes so that the inner corner of the eye has few lashes, while the outer corner has thick bunched-up lashes. This defines the eyeline.

17: Add bunches of lashes to bottom lashline
Cut bunches from Product N’s false lashes, and attach 5 bunches to the bottom lashline, starting from the outer corner of the eye. Lastly, use Product O’s mascara to stick the fake and natural lashes together.

18: For cute lips, apply both orange lipstick and orange lipgloss
Same as the cheek, apply orange colour to the lips for a healthy look. First apply a layer using Product P’s lipstick, then another layer using Product Q’s lipgloss.



Messy bangs are a highlight too!

“I’ve always had a thick layer of straight bangs that curl a little inwards, but I’m in the mood now for messy bangs that can move about freely. Try doing these curly messy bangs too!!”

01: Divide bangs into 2 layers. Curl inner layer in towards forehead
Divide bangs into outer and inner layers. For the inner layer, use a curling iron on the lower 25mm of hair, curling it in towards the forehead. Be careful not to burn yourself!

02: Scattered outer layer
For the outer layer of bangs, use the curling iron to curl bunches in different directions. Curl the rest of your hair in different directions too, to create a head of messy hair.