Original scans by hudie.com, shared by laurita.ch.

JELLY November 2011.


Smoky Gradation Eye

Smoky Eyeshadow: A handsome, mannish transformation!


Recommended Items

A: http://www.maybelline.co.jp/products…ye_look_shadow
Open Eye Look Shadow BR-2/MAYBELLINE

B: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/…oke/index.tmpl
Eyeshadow x 4: Parlour Smoke/M.A.C

C: http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/p…ner/index.tmpl
Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner 01/BOBBI BROWN

D: http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/p…dow/index.tmpl
Brown Eyeshadow/BOBBI BROWN

E: http://esprique.com/item/eye02.html
ESPRIQUE Crayon Eyeliner/KOSE

F: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/…ash/index.tmpl
Zoom Fast Black Lash/M.A.C

G: http://shop.diamond-beauty.jp/?pid=22790597
Diamond Lash Celeb eye/DIAMOND BEAUTY

H: http://www.canmake.com/en/eaccessori…m_001.html#003
Eyelash 20/CANMAKE

I: http://en.kenko.com/shop/en-us/commodity/E074233H/
Decorative Eyelash Lower Eyelash Cross Short/KENKO



1. Repeatedly applying layers of smoky eyeshadow creates depth

2. Complete filling in using black eyeliner, without leaving gaps, gives a better impact

3. False lashes go well with the existential eyeshadow to complete the look



01: Apply pearly eyeshadow as base!
Using the third colour in Product A’s eyeshadow, apply over the entire eyelid with a brush. Be sure to blend all the way to the bottom of the eyebrows.

02: Create shadows using a deep brown
Use Product B’s “Cross Cultural” shadow to create a 3D effect. Blend upwards at both corners of the eyes, leaving the area of the eyelid above the pupil empty.

03: Apply main smoky colour
Use Product B’s “Indigo Noir” shadow generously below the double eyelid crease. Blend it well with the eyeshadow applied in Steps 01 and 02.

04: Add thick eyeshadow on lower lashline too
Using a thin brush, apply the same eyeshadow used in Step 03 in a thin line on the lower lashline. Be careful to apply the eyeshadow evenly!

05: A defined black line
Using Product C’s gel eyeliner, draw a thin line along the upper lashline. Extend the line about 2~3mm beyond the outer corner of the eye.

06: Use eyeshadow to cover it
Using the almost-black brown eyeshadow from Product D, cover the eyeline drawn in Step 5. Brush in small horizontal strokes along parts of the line.

07: A defined waterline
With Product E’s eyeliner, colour in the waterline. Make sure to apply eyeliner into the tearduct as well.

08: Eyeshadow on the lower lashline!
Similar to Step 06, take some shadow from Product D on a thin brush and blend with the eyeliner drawn along the waterline.

09: Black mascara on lashes
Apply Product F’s mascara thickly on both upper and lower lashes, especially at the outer corner of the eye.

10: First set of false lashes on
Leave 3 mm of space from the inner corner of the eye, then stick on Product G’s false lashes along the upper lashline. Try to angle the lashes slightly upward!

11: Adding volume with false lashes
To enhance the effect of the eyeshadow, you need thick lashes! Cut a false lash from Product H in half, and stick it on top of the first set of false lashes. Align it such that the end of the false lash lines up with the extended eyeline drawn in Step 05.

12: Thick bottom lashes!
Stick Product I’s lower lashes along the entire lower lashline. Similar to the upper lashline, leave a space of 3 mm at the inner corner of the eye.



With well-defined black lines along both the upper and lower lashlines, the smoky gradation stands out more!

Try to achieve a natural colour gradient, with heavy colour along the lashline, fading to light colours just under the brow!



Aim for super thin brows
To make your smoky eyes stand out, make sure brows look thin and natural!

Recommended Items

A: http://www.lauramercier.com/store/sh…SkuId=sku70120
Brow Powder Duo Deep Blonde/LAURA MERCIER

B: http://www.mihokoshop.com/product/1711?m=57
Visee Eyebrow Mascara BR301/KOSE

01: Draw a basic brow line
Dip a thin brush in Product A’s brow powder, and draw a tentative brow line from the start of the brow to the end.

02: Add colour with brow mascara!
Depending on your hair colour, apply a slightly lighter shade of eyebrow mascara on the entire brow! Product B covers all the black hairs, giving a foreigner look!



Faint and casual!!
It’s best for the cheeks to be uncoloured! Choose a shade that blends well into your skin, and apply sparingly.

Recommended Items

Boujois Blush Pastel 03 – brun cuivre/BOUJOIS

Large area, super thin layer!
Apply blush in the large area from the top part of your cheek to the temple. A coral colour will blend well and give a natural flushed look!



Subconsciously colourless
A nude beige colour on the lips goes well with smoky eyes!

Recommended Items

A: http://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/2934418/top
Candydoll Lip Concealer/T-GARDEN

B: http://www.annasui.com/en/cosmetics/…lips/lipstick/
Lip Rouge Glossy 700/ANNA SUI

01: Erase colour from lips!
Gently pat Product A’s lip concealer to shift lip colour from red to nude beige!

02: Enhance with beige lipstick
If your lips are already beige with a slight red tinge, you can skip Step 01. Roughly apply Product B’s lipstick directly onto the lips.