Original scans by hudie.com, shared by laurita.ch.

S Cawaii October 2011.


Natural Beauty: from the “Spoilt Brat Look” Special

The sweet face of a beauty, with hidden strength, like Kitagawa Keiko-san and Itano Tomomi-san. Glossy nude lips and brown eyes, a natural look that will capture everyone’s hearts!

Recommended Items

A: http://www.rimmellondon.jp/product/eyes/eyes_19.html
Chocolat Sweet Eyes 002/RIMMEL

B: http://www.rimmellondon.jp/product/eyes/eyes_16.html
Exaggerate Liquid Pen Liner/RIMMEL

C: http://www.mihokoshop.com/product/2739?m=224
Esprique Full Impression Mascara/KOSE

D: http://www.d-up.co.jp/catalogue/eyem…m_e/index.html
Eyelash 900 Premium Edition 911/D-UP

E: http://www.muraqi.com/goods_g/gs083.php
Eyelash Value Pack VP-36N/MURAKI

F: http://www.addiction-beauty.com/#/productsdetail/10/
Addiction Blush 15/ADDICTION BEAUTY

G: http://www.addiction-beauty.com/#/productsdetail/10/
Addiction Blush 16/ADDICTION BEAUTY

H: http://www.rimmellondon.jp/product/lips/lips_02.html
Lip Concealer 001/RIMMEL

I: http://www.rimmellondon.jp/product/lips/lips_08.html
Marshmallow Look Lipstick/RIMMEL



01: Create a brown gradient on upper eyelid!
Apply Product A’s colour A on the entire lid, followed by colour B, and finally colour C below the double eyelid crease. Extend only colour C beyond the lid to create the impression of longer eyes.
*Refer to Recommended Items picture for colour chart.

02: Gold below the iris to create eyebags ☆
Apply Product A’s colour B along the entire lower lashline, then add colour D only in the area below the iris. Like adding a pearl, this makes the lower eyelid appear plumper.

03: Extend eyeline straight out!
Following the upper lashline, draw a thin line using Product B’s liner. At the outer corner of the eye, continue drawing the line out about 7mm. This emphasizes the length of the eye even more.

04: Add a super thin line along the waterline
Use Product B’s liner to extend the line all the way into the inner corner of the eye, then add a 1cm long line along the inner waterline. This has the effect of creating larger eyes, and also narrowing the distance between the eyes!

05: Attach false lashes at the very very edge of lashline!
After using Product C’s mascara on lashes, use pincers to attach Product D’s false lashes. Adjust the length near the outer corner of the eye so it looks naturally thick.

06: Just a little bit of false lashes on lower lashline!
Cut strips from Product E’s false lashes, with about 2 bunches of lashes per strip. Starting from the area below the pupil, attach 4 strips of lashes along the lower lashline. Adjust the strips nearer the outer corner of the eye accordingly to balance with the upper lashes.

07: Apply blush in an outward sweeping motion!
Mix Products F and G’s colours together, then apply, sweeping from the nostrils out to the temple. The two colours blend well and look natural on the skin.

08: Erase lip colour, apply natural shade
Use Product H’s lip concealer to erase all natural colour, then apply Product I’s lipstick. Lips will naturally have contour lines, so use the lipstick to cover them as much as possible.