nuts May 2011.


Orange Make-up for Spring

Dreamy orange-based make-up that will light up your face with a bang ♥


Recommended Items: BASE

Vitacream B12/VITACREAM

Make-up Base/RMK

Creamy Foundation 103/RMK

Cle de peau Concealer DO/SHISEIDO

Loose Setting Powder/LAURA MERCIER

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC55/M.A.C



01: Prepare face for total coverage
Squeeze about 2 pearls of Product A’s cream and apply a thin layer over the entire face. This gives a slight gloss and allows foundation to fit well later.

02: Pearly base for a natural shine
Apply Product B’s pearly base only in the areas under the eyes and on the chin. Applying this on the bridge of the nose will make it appear huge, so be careful not to apply any there.

03: Secret tip: Apply a thin layer of foundation
Apply Product C’s foundation onto the face with a brush, then use a sponge to pat off excess for a thin layer of total coverage. Make sure to apply foundation into all nooks and crannies, like the edge of the nose.

04: Concealer under the eyes and at nose edge
Apply Product D’s concealer by hand, as it allows easy blending and provides some body heat to make the concealer softer. Gently pat the concealer to blend it in.

05: Gently puff on face to create semi-matte look
To prevent concentration of powder in any one spot, use a powder puff to apply Product E’s powder onto the face. Gently pat the puff on the face, as patting too hard will create a matte look instead.

06: Shading erases the temples
Using a brush, apply Product F once in a ring around the face. As Japanese people have wide temples, this shading makes the face appear smaller.


Recommended Items: EYE

Addiction Eyeshadow Gold Shadow/KOSE

Duo Eyeshadow 3045/NARS

Coffret D’or Quick Liner/KANEBO

Small Eyeshadow Carbon/M.A.C

Lash Power Curling Mascara Black Onyx/CLINIQUE

Dolly Wink Eyelash No.02/DOLLY WINK

Eyelash Value Pack Medium Under/MURAQI



01: Gold shadow as base
Apply Product A’s eyeshadow (top-right in the palette) onto the entire eyelid. A highlight of this make-up is a yellowish base!

02: Create depth with a W-line
With Product B’s shadow (left colour), draw a ‘W’ shape on the eyelid and apply shadow on the outer half. Use a brown shadow, without any reddish tinge. Make sure to create a nice curve right in the middle!

03: A natural gradient deepens eyehole
To create a gradient, apply Product B’s shadow (right colour) below the double eyelid crease. By applying a deep brown colour along the upper lashline, the eyes look more defined.

04: A gentle straight line enlarges the eye
Draw an eyeline along the entire upper lashline. At the outer corner of the eye, do not draw the line upwards or downwards, but extend it straight out. Use Product C’s eyeliner.

05: Blend and shade the eyeline
We do not want a sharp line, so apply Product D above the line and blend it in. We recommend using a matte colour instead of a shiny one.

06: Create droopy eyes with more shadow at outer corner of lower lashline
Apply Product A’s eyeshadow (top-right in the palette) along the entire lower lashline. On top of that, apply Product B’s shadow (right colour) only along the outermost 1/3 of the lower lashline to create the effect of droopy eyes.

07: Gently pat shadow to create lower eyeline
If we use liquid eyeliner along the bottom lashline, the eyes will appear fierce, so use Product D’s shadow to draw the eyeline instead. Pat a thin line of shadow powder in the gaps between lashes, slightly thickening the line at the outer corner of the eye.

08: False lashes that crowd at the outer corner
Apply Product E’s mascara on both upper and lower natural lashes, then stick on Product F’s false lashes. For the bottom lashes, cut 2 bunches of lashes off both sides of Product G’s false lashes, then stick the remaining middle portion onto the lower lashline nearer the outer corner.


Recommended Items: LIP

Lipstick Morange/M.A.C

Super Volume Lip Clear/SANA



Gently apply for a glossy look
Apply a thick layer of Product A’s lipstick, so that the lips look beautiful even without priming. Then add a layer of Product B’s lipgloss over.


Recommended Items: CHEEK

Perfectly Natural Blush 204/REVLON



Gently apply with a big brush
Take a generous amount of Product A’s blush on the brush, then apply diagonally up and out, following the cheekbone. Avoid applying blush on the inner side of the face!