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While we know that we shouldn’t, we often wish to take a peek inside the boyfriend’s mobile phone. A group of 1,589 Japanese girls answered a survey regarding this issue, and it turns out that most girls (28.5%) access their boyfriend’s phones secretly. The next largest response of girls (15.5%) look through their boyfriend’s phones only after seeking permission. There are also many girls who wished to ask but didn’t dare to, and resort to secret peeks without his knowledge. Here are 9 good ways Japanese girls ask to see their boyfriend’s phones.


【1】 “Alright, let’s start the infidelity investigation (laugh)”
Girls often use a joke as a cover for an excuse to look through their boyfriend’s phones. It is also easy to judge your guy by his reaction to your “joking” request. This is an effective way of asking, as it sets a light mood with no room for awkwardness. However, if you say the words “infidelity investigation” in a serious tone, your boyfriend may just switch off both his heart and his phone.

【2】 “Can I see your phone?”
This is the most straightforward way of asking. If you ask normally, he has no reason not to pass you the phone. This is effective if your guy is the type who often asks you to “Just say it!”. To prevent him from thinking that you may be angry with him, use a gentle tone when asking. However, if you are too obstinate, he may ask for a reason why, creating an angry mood.

【3】 “I’ll show you mine, so show me yours!”
This way makes an offer of exchange. To open others’ hearts, you have to open your own first, so offering your phone up for inspection first may prompt him to do the same. The type of guy who believes in “Always return what you borrowed!” will surely respond to this. However, your boyfriend may end up quizzing you about your phone instead, so be sure to delete any data that may potentially cause misunderstandings.

【4】 “I don’t wish to peek in secret, so show me.”
Another straightforward way which addresses the concept of peeping. This is a line to use if your guy hates liars, as this will make him think of you as a “strightforward girl who doesn’t wish to cheat”. However, this may generate a disquiet in him that you may have peeked before, so do enforce the fact that you have never done so in the past.

【5】 “I’ll have peace of mind if you show me.”
This way makes use of the fact that just by viewing his phone, you will stop having doubts about his fidelity. By saying “I’ll have peace of mind”, he gets the impression that by producing the phone, he’ll earn your trust. Thus, this works well for guys who always ask you to “Believe!” in them. However, this may give him a shock if he thinks you’re implying that he’s cheating, so be sure to say things like “It’s not like I’m suspecting you…” beforehand.

【6】 “I’m interested to see what kind of messages other girls send.”
This method incorporates a sense of curiosity into your request. Even if your guy has always been secretive about his phone, asking to see just the messages may get him to respond. This line is effective if your guy often gives in to you when you ask explicitly for things. However, do know that messaging isn’t the only way guys cheat, so do your homework and watch your guy for any other strange behaviours as well.

【7】 “I just want to see yesterday’s chat history.”
A request with a fixed time limit may work if all else fails. For guys who hate putting everything on their phones up for show, imposing a limit of “only yesterday’s chat” may get him to loosen up. This works on guys who need you to ask several times before he gives in. Keep this line handy by not using it often, as it is extremely effective should you ask only when you notice strange behaviour on his part. To prevent him from getting time to erase any evidence, ask for his phone this way right after any worrying incidents.

【8】 “Show me the photos on your phone.”
This soothes a guy’s suspicions, since the phone is often used to take photos as well. Guys who keep their messages and chat secret will not deny you a view at his photos as well. This is especially effective if your guy loves taking photos with his phone. However, should you find any suspicious photos, do not ask things like “What is this? Who is this girl?” as this will make him think of you as the jealous type. Checking photos allows you to narrow in on any suspicious girls for your own investigation.

【9】 “This is my first and final request…”
This limits yourself to only one look through his phone. If you manage to put this across seriously, he may respond since this is a “one-time-only” request. If your guy often tells you “This is the last time!” for various things, this line will work well for you. However, by saying that this is the last time, your guy may stop you from doing any detailed checks next time, so make sure to do a thorough check during your only chance. If your guy turns out clean, it is best to stop suspecting him altogether. Trust is more important for your happiness than suspicion.


Have you found the perfect line for yourself? So the next time you reach out to peek at your guy’s phone, remember this.