Original scans shared by bokura no zashi here.

from NAIL UP! March 2012.


Cute Reverse French Nails: Polka Dots Ver.

The black polka dots are a classic ♪ Let’s raise the cute standard for girls ☆


Recommended Items

A: Base Coat
B: Beige Manicure Polish
C: Acrylic Paints (White/Black)
D: Top Coat
E: Hologram Stickers (Small Black Dots)
F: Metal Parts (Oval)
G: Mini Rings
H: Mini Pearls (White)


Step 1: Apply A’s base coat over the whole nail. Then, apply B’s beige manicure polish on the nail in the reverse french pattern.

Step 2: Dab a sponge in a little of C’s white acrylic paint, and pat gently along the beige french line.

Step 3: Mix C’s white and black acrylic colors together to get grey, then use the sponge to apply it along the french line.

Step 4: Apply D’s top coat over the entire nail, then stick on E’s hologram stickers in a balanced design.

Step 5: At the side of the nail, stick on F’s metal parts and G’s mini rings to create the design shown.

Step 6: Stick H’s pearl in the middle of the mini ring. Apply D’s top coat again over the entire nail, you’re done.