Original scans shared by bokura no zashi here.

from NAIL UP! March 2012.


Cute Reverse French Nails: Smoky Pink Ver.

Smoky pink is so stylish ♪ Square studs project a sweet yet tough image


Recommended Items

A: Base Coat
B: Pearly Pink Manicure Polish
C: Gold Leaf Paper (Pink)
D: Top Coat
E: Gold Manicure Polish
F: Metal Parts (Square)
G: Prions


Step 1: Apply A’s base coat over the whole nail. Then, apply B’s pearly pink manicure polish on the nail in the reverse french pattern.

Step 2: Use tweezers to tear up C’s gold leaf paper into tiny bits. You can have some slightly bigger bits too.

Step 3: Apply D’s top coat over the entire nail, then stick on the gold leaf bits in a balanced design.

Step 4: Using a thin brush, apply E’s gold manicure polish along the pink french line to create a border.

Step 5: Apply D’s top coat over the entire nail, then stick on F’s metal part. Use the tweezers to press the metal part down in place.

Step 6: Apply D’s top coat on the top of the metal part attached in Step 5, then stick on G’s prions. You’re done