Original scans shared by bokura no zashi here.

from NAIL UP! March 2012.


Cute Reverse French Nails

This set looks cool, and the quality pearls add an elegant feel too ❤


Recommended Items

A: Base Coat
B: Red Manicure Polish
C: Pink Gold Manicure Polish
D: Nail Glue
E: Lace Ribbon
F: Mini Pearls (Pink/White)
G: Mini Studs (Gold)
H: Diamond Gems (Pink)
I: Mini Gems (White/Beige)
J: Mini Rings
K: Top Coat


Step 1: Apply A’s base coat over the whole nail. Then, apply B’s red manicure polish on the nail in the reverse french pattern. Make sure to paint all the way to the edge.

Step 2: Apply C’s pink gold manicure polish to create a double reverse french pattern. Try to follow the curve of the line you drew in Step 1 with the red polish.

Step 3: Before the polish dries, use tweezers to gently pinch the polish at the end of nail, to create a 3D bumpy effect.

Step 4: Using D’s glue, stick a piece of E’s ribbon onto the nail. Be careful not to use too much glue.

Step 5: Apply D’s glue along the red french line, and stick on F’s pearls and G’s studs in a balanced design.

Step 6: Stick on H’s diamonds, I’s gems and J’s rings as well. Apply K’s top coat over the entire nail, you’re done.