from JELLY November 2011.


Basic Hairstyling Tutorial: Curls!

A basic introduction to curls!


Know the parts of your hair!

The part that sticks out due to the shape of your skull, right above your ears. If you add volume to this region, your face will look bigger!

The part above your crown is known as the top. It extends about 3~4cm out from the centre of your hair’s main whorl.

Hair lengths above the shoulder are known as bobs, from the shoulder to the collar-bone is medium, from the collar-bone to the chest is semi-long, and anything longer than that is long.

Draw a line from the top of your head straight down through the ears, and anything behind the line is known as the back.

The hair that is in front of the line, except for your bangs, is known as the sides.

The age of your hair is divided into 3 sections. The part near the top are known as the roots, the last few cm are known as the ends, while the rest is known as the middle!


Remember these blowdrying tips!

Recommended Item
Minus Ion Hairdryer KHD-1386 / Koizumi Seiki

Blow your bangs towards the front
In order not to create kinks in your hair, the correct method is to blow-dry your bangs towards the front.

Make your bangs stand
To add natural volume to your bangs, hold your hair stright up and blow near the roots.


Know the different iron types and the curls they give!

Straight Iron
Aside from straightening out your hair, these irons can also create creases and add a slight curl at the hair ends.
Recommended Item: mod’s hair Hair Straightener / Unilever

19mm Iron
This iron is best for creating thin tight curls.
Recommended Item: Vidal Sassoon Curl Iron VSI-1903 / Koizumi Seiki

25mm Iron
This curler is for girls with long hair who wish to have tight curls.
Recommended Item: Vidal Sassoon Magic Shine Curl Iron VSI-2530 / Koizumi Seiki

32mm Iron
This curler is good for all types of curls.
Recommended Item: Vidal Sassoon Magic Shine Curl Iron VSI-3230 / Koizumi Seiki

38mm Iron
This curler is for creating loose curls.
Recommended Item: Vidal Sassoon Magic Shine Curl Iron VSI-3830 / Koizumi Seiki


Learn how to induce natural curls easily!

Step 1: Curl hair strand around your fingers
Starting from the middle portion, curl a strand of hair around your fingers until you reach the ends. Curl the strand around the width of 2 fingers.

Step 2: Curl until the whorl lies flat against your head
After you have curled to the ends, remove your fingers while holding onto the whorl of hair, and continue curling until the whorl lies tight against your head.

Step 3: Secure in middle with salon clip to finish!
Insert a salon clip in the middle of the hair whorl. Ensure that the clip is inserted parallel to the ground so it’s secure!


Know your curl types and how to create them!

Flat Curl
Insert a strand into the curler held parallel to the ground and curl inwards to get a flat curl. This adds random volume to your hair.

Inward Curl
Hold the curler at an angle, insert a strand and curl inwards to get an inward curl. This is also known as the forward curl.

Outward Curl
Hold the curler at an angle, insert a strand and curl outwards to get an outward curl. This is also known as the reverse curl.

Torsion Curl
Twist a strand using your fingers first. Then hold the curler at an angle and insert the strand, curling in the opposite direction against the twist you made with your fingers. This is also known as the spiral curl.

Zigzag Curl
Use a straighter to repeatedly create folds by inserting a strand and pulling it against the iron. This is also known as the Sauvage curl.


By the way, what are “escaped hair ends”?

“Escaped hair ends” are when the hair ends are not curled by the iron!
This term is used for the technique where you leave the ends of your hair uncurled. Thus, it is as if the ends have “escaped” from the curling iron.