Original scans by hudie.com, shared by laurita.ch

from JELLY November 2011


Retro Lady Make-up

Following Bridget Bardot’s little devil wingtip eyeline, the retro boom is here! Match your sexy body with bold cat’s eye make-up!


Recommended Items

A: Jewelling Eyes BR792 / Majolica Majorca
B: Visee Cream Eyeliner WP BK001 / Kose
C: Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner 8051 / NARS
D: Visee Lash Upswing Long BK001 / Kose
E: Diamond Lash Fairy Eye / SHO-BI
F: Diamond Lash Sweet eye (lower lash use) / SHO-BI


How to Make-Up

Step 1: Base eyeshadow on eyelid
Apply A’s palette color ‘a’ (thin gold) onto the entire eyelid. Blend gently with a brush.

Step 2: Create contours with brown
Using A’s palette color ‘b’ (thin gold-brown), apply onto the inner and outer corners of the eyelid. This creates a double eyelid shadow!

Step 3: Thick brown on the eyelids
Apply A’s palette color ‘c’ (thick brown) generously along the lower eyelid. Start with a thicker line near the outer corner, then slowly thin out as you work inwards.

Step 4: Carefully drawn eyeline!
Draw an eyeline along the upper lashline using B’s gel eyeliner. Draw the line in small portions to create a definite line.

Step 5: A resolute wingtip!
Create a wingtip using B’s gel eyeliner! Extend about 1cm from the outer corner of your eye.

Step 6: In-line along the upper lashline!
Using C’s pencil eyeliner, draw an in-line along your upper lashline, starting from the inner corner and working outwards.

Step 7: Eye power up with mascara!
Apply D’s mascara generously on the upper and lower lashes to emphasize your eye power! Move your brush from side to side to make your lashes stand.

Step 8: Upper lashes with emphasis on outer corner!
E’s false lashes are heavier at the outer corners. Leaving a 3mm gap at the inner corner, stick on the false lashes along your upper lashline. Adjust such that the lashes stick out a few mm from the outer corner of your eye.

Step 9: Bottom lashes at selected intervals!
Stick on 5 bunches of F’s false lashes at 1mm intervals from each other, leaving about 3mm empty at the inner corner of your eye. This gives you a cuter look.


Match your Bridget Bardot wingtip eyes with retro-colored lips!

Recommended Items

★ Lip Rouge G500 / Anna Sui
★ Lipstick M003 / Paul & Joe (Limited Item)
★ Water Shiny Milky RD605 / Maybelline
★ Lip Rouge V461 / Anna Sui

How to Make-Up

Step 1: A sharp definite outline
When applying thick colors onto the lips, make sure to create a definite outline first. Use a lip brush to draw out a sharp outer line!

Step 2: Repeated applications for vibrant color!
For a bold color, use a lip brush to apply layer after layer of lipstick. This gives your lips a fresh look and brings out the color.