from CanCam December 2011.


Rabbit Curry


Ingredients (1 serving)

Curry ….. Suitable amount
Rice ….. Suitable amount
Pickled Vegetables ….. Suitable amount
Potherb mustard ….. Suitable amount
Boiled colored Capsicum (red, orange) ….. Suitable amount
Boiled egg ….. 1
Fish sausage ….. Suitable amount
Seaweed ….. Suitable amount
Pasta ….. 4-cm long strip
*Stationery: Holepunch, tweezers


How to cook

1) Mix pickled vegetables with the rice.
2) Arrange the pickled vegetable rice, curry, potherb mustard and boiled colored capsicum on a plate as shown.
3) Cut the egg in half to become the rabbit’s body, and use pieces of seaweed to create the rabbit’s face. For the ears, stick pieces of fish sausage onto a strip of pasta and stick on top of the egg. Arrange on plate.


How to make the rabbit

Step 1
Cut off a 5-cm long strip of fish sausage, and slice it down the middle, leaving about 1/3 uncut, to make the rabbit’s ears.

Step 2
Stick the sausage onto a strip of pasta, and stick into the top of the boiled egg body. The pasta strip will soften with moisture and can be eaten too.

Step 3
Using a round holepunch, punch out shapes for the rabbit’s eyes and mouth on dried seaweed. The density and color of dried seaweed makes it the best choice!

Step 4
Use tweezers to stick on the seaweed eyes and mouth. The egg is moist, so the pieces should stick on easily.