from JELLY November 2011.


Western-style Loose Curls


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Recommended Items

A: mod’s hair Hot Care Concentrated Este Oil / Unilever
B: mod’s hair Inner Glamour Wax Cute Midi 65g / Unilever
C: Vidal Sassoon Curl Iron VSI-1903 / Koizumi Seiki



Separate your side hair into 2 sides, along your parting line. Further divide into upper and lower sections each and keep in curls.
For your back hair, divide into 3 sections, top, middle and bottom, and keep in curls.


How to Style

Step 1: Start torsion curling from the back
Take a small amount of the bottom section of your back hair, and do the torsion curl. Twist the strand outwards with your fingers, then insert into the curler and curl inwards. Allow the hair ends to escape.

Step 2: Do the torsion curl in the opposite direction for the next strand
Take another small section next to the one you just curled in Step 1, twist it inwards with your fingers, and insert into the curler and curl outwards. Again, let the hair ends escape.

Step 3: Continue with the same for the rest of your back hair
Repeating Steps 1~2, finish torsion curling the rest of your back hair. You will end up with something like this.

Step 4: Curl side hair in the same way
Repeat Steps 1~2 for your side hair as well.

Step 5: Use wax to add volume to the top
Take a small amount of B’s wax on your fingers, and pinch and pull the hair at the top of your head upwards to create volume.

Step 6: Apply oil with fingertips to get bundled effect
Take a small amount of A’s oil on your fingers, and apply onto your hair to enhance the volume and bundled effect of your hair. This will also add shine to your hair! You’re done!