from NAIL UP! March 2012.


Jewelled French Nails

Shiny decorations on your classic French manicure ❤


Recommended Items

A: Base Coat
B: Beige Manicure Polish
C: White Manicure Polish
D: Top Coat
E: Stones (Aurora)
F: Rhinestones (Aurora)


Step 1: Apply A’s base coat, then B’s beige polish over the entire nail. Just one layer of each will do.

Step 2: Apply a second layer of B’s beige polish. Take care not to apply too much pressure, or the layer will be uneven.

Step 3: Use C’s white polish to create a French nail on the nailtip. Be sure to paint over the edge of the nail too.

Step 4: Apply D’s top coat, then stick on E’s stone. Press down so that it will stick!

Step 5: Stick on F’s rhinestones along the French line as shown. You can also stick them on randomly for another look.

Step 6: Apply D’s top coat over the entire nail, and you’re done. A gorgeous design full of class and beauty ♪