from Popteen March 2012.


Poster Girl Spring Make-up Series: Esprique

Mature, lovely pearl grey at the eyes, glossy beige lips bring out the cool translucent feel of this look.

This poster has a “one-stroke beauty” theme, made up of single-layer applications of make-up. Translucent eye colors, melting lipstick, this “best look” can be completed real quick.


Recommended Items

A: Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny) A-6
B: Full Impression Mascara Waterproof BK001
C: Mellow Forming Rouge (Color) RD422
-All from Esprique-



Step 1: Use a large tip to mix the 3 rightmost colors on A’s palette.

Step 2: Apply the mixed color in Step 1 onto the double eyelid fold and blend up and out, with inner->outer corner strokes. Apply some onto the outer corner of the lower eyelid to create the droopy eye effect.

Step 3: With a thin tip, apply the highlight color at the left of A’s palette in a line along the upper lashline, starting from the inner corner and ending right above the iris. Blend the middle and bottom colors at the right of A’s palette and apply in a line along the lower lashline.

Step 4: B’s mascara has a volume-up, length extension, curl and separating effect, so apply it onto your lashes!

Step 5: For the upper lashes, pick a design that has a mixture of thin and thick tufts, with longer lashes at the outer corners. For the bottom lashes, pick a thick tufted design, trim and stick on only at the outer corner!

Step 6: Apply C’s brown-beige rouge directly onto the lower lip bulge and spread to the sides in side-sweeping strokes.

Step 7: With the tip of C’s rouge, draw an outline around your lips. This creates an intimacy between the lips and skin, giving a natural look!