from Popteen March 2012.


Poster Girl Spring Make-up Series: Integrate

Smooth semi-matte skin, with a natural flush at the cheeks. Full of translucence, a refreshing look with impressionistic gentle large eyes!


Recommended Items

A: Rainbow Grade Eyes 50
B: Killer Wink Gel Liner BR610
C: Forming Cheeks PK210
D: Design Veil Pink
E: True Shining Gloss RD313
-All from Integrate-



Step 1: Spread the pearl white color at the top left of A’s palette over the entire eyelid. This will bring out the vibrance of the other colors which will be applied later.

Step 2: Using the tip of your brush, apply the pearl pink color at the top of A’s heart palette over the entire eyelid. This gives a sweet girly image.

Step 3: Apply the pearl orange color in the middle of A’s heart palette beneath the double eyelid fold. Also apply at the outer corner of your lower eyelid.

Step 4: With a thin tip, apply the purple color at the bottom of A’s heart palette in a thin line along your upper lashline. Apply along the outer corner of your lower eyelid too.

Step 5: Using a thin tip, apply the champagne gold color at the bottom left of A’s palette in a “>” shape at the inner corner of your eye. This is to enclose your eye and add highlight.

Step 6: Use B’s brown gel liner to draw a thick eyeline, then draw a thin line above that with a liquid eyeliner.

Step 7: For the upper lashes, choose a tufted false lash design that emphasizes the length of each strand. For the bottom lashes, pick a similar design for balance, and stick it on near the outer corner only!

Step 8: Mix the 2 cheek colors in C’s blush, then apply onto the top of your cheekbones and spread outwards.

Step 9: Mix the 3 cheek colors in D’s blush and apply around the edges of the blush applied in Step 8. This creates a nice blend-in with the skin. Apply some on your T-zone and chin too!

Step 10: E’s pink/beige gloss contains tiny lame bits which goes well with the skintone, so apply one layer evenly onto the lips to give a glossy finish!