from Popteen March 2012.


Poster Girl Spring Make-up Series: Jill Stuart

Soft translucent cheeks with a faint color. Eyes for spring, done up in pink/orange mix, give a happy mood ♪

“The color variation gives the image of blooming flowers. The pink of new blooms and the orange of the sun are the key colors”


Recommended Items

A: Jewel Crystal Eyes 105
B: Crayon Eyeliner 02
C: Mix Brush Compact 106
D: Jelly Lipgloss 28
-All from Jill Stuart-



Step 1: Using the leftmost champagne gold color on A’s palette, lightly color in your entire eyelid, starting from beyond the inner corner of your eye.

Step 2: With the second leftmost bright coral orange color on A’s palette, gently pat onto your entire eyelid, using only the tip of the brush.

Step 3: With the second rightmost pink color on A’s palette, draw a line starting from the middle of your upper lashline to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 4: Using the rightmost brown color on A’s palette, draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to join up with the pink line drawn in Step 3. Use only the tip of your brush, and try to make the color richer nearer the lashline.

Step 5: Draw an eyeline using B’s eyeliner. Draw a precise line at the inner corner of your eye, and extend a little at the outer corner.

Step 6: To get the cat’s eye look, use false lashes which have thick bunches along the outer corner.

Step 7: Use a brush to mix the 4 colors on C’s rouge palette, and apply onto your cheeks. Start from the centre of your cheek and blend outwards.

Step 8: D’s soft pink lipgloss has fine bits of aurora lame mixed inside, so apply it evenly over your entire lip to get a sparkly look!