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5 Curl Styles


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#1: Classical Sauvage

Recommended Items

A: mod’s hair Glamourous Rock Hard Spray 180g / Unilever
B: mod’s hair Hair Straightener / Unilever


Curl your side hair in 2 sections: top and bottom. Curl your back hair in 3 sections: top, middle and bottom. After preparation, let’s start curling from the bottom back section!

How to Style

Step 1: Curl your back hair into zigzag curls
Take a small amount of back hair, insert B’s straightener near the roots, pull the hair upwards, and hold to create a V-shaped crease.

Step 2: Slide iron downwards to form an n-shaped crease!
After the crease in Step 1 is formed, slide the iron downwards along your hair and create an n-shaped crease. Continue creating creases down the length of your hair.

Step 3: Zigzag all the way to the ends!
Repeat Steps 1 and 2 down your hair until you reach the ends. End off with a final crease!

Step 4: Create alternate creases along your side hair too
After curling all your back hair, repeat the same procedure for your side hair.

Step 5: After curling all your back and side hair
This is how your hair should look like after doing zigzag curls on all your hair. You should have a Sauvage look like in this photo!

Step 6: Lastly, spray to keep the style!
Pick up bunches of hair and spray on A’s spray. This will maintain the bunched look of this style!!


#2: Side Loose Braid

How to Style

Step 1: Bring all your hair to one side
Firstly, bring all your hair to one side of your head, leaving only your fringe/bangs.

Step 2: Do a loose common braid!
Divide your hair into 3 sections and do a common braid. Leave about 10cm from the hair ends loose!

Step 3: Secure with a hairtie
Hold the end of your braid in one hand, and use a hairtie with your other hand to secure the braid.

Step 4: Loosen up your fringe for an airy look
Use your hands to pluck at your fringe/bangs which were left untouched since Step 1. This adds an airy feel to your style.


#3: Side Twist

How to Style

Step 1: Twist hair above the ears
Take all hair above your ears and sweep to one side, then divide into 2 sections. Do the twist with the 2 sections, adding small amounts of hair as you move downwards.

Step 2: Secure with hairtie when done
Leave the flyaway hairs at the opposite side of your head out of the twist. Gather the rest of your hair near your ear and secure with a hairtie.

Step 3: Hide hairtie with hair strands
Take a small amount of hair and wrap around the hairtie to hide it from view!

Step 4: Secure the strand with a pin to complete!
After using the strand to wrap in Step 3, use a pin to secure that strand. Be sure to push the pin in firmly!


#4: Loose Bun

How to Style

Step 1: First, a high ponytail
Leaving your side hair untouched, gather up all your back hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Wrap some hair to hide hairtie
Take a small amount of hair and wrap it around the hairtie to hide it from view. Secure the hair strand with a pin.

Step 3: Roll your hair forwards into a bun
Take your ponytail and twist it from the back to the front to create a bun!

Step 4: Secure bun with pins
Secure the bun you created in Step 3 with pins. After that, loosen up the bun gently with your fingers, and you’re done!


#5: Twin Braids

How to Style

Step 1: Separate hair into 2 sections and start braiding!
Randomly divide your hair into 2 equal sections. Bring one of the sections to one side of your head and start doing the common braid.

Step 2: Secure braid ends with hairtie
Leave about 5cm at the hair ends unbraided, and secure with a hairtie!

Step 3: Braid your remaining hair as well!
Braid the other section that you’ve separated out in Step 1 as well. Be sure to start the braid right at the roots!

Step 4: Secure with hairtie, style complete!
Again, leave about 5cm at the hair ends unbraided, and secure with a hairtie. You’re done!