from Popteen March 2012.


Poster Girl Spring Make-up Series: Kate

Gentle natural make-up, with translucent glossy soft colors. A tender impression, but full of Kate’s cool factor.

Light colors on the eyelids, deeper colors along the lashline and at the outer corner of the eye, done in a 3:1 ratio for a natural look. A blend of light colors.


Recommended Items

A: Mineral Cover BB Gel Cream SPF30.PA++ 30g
B: Real Create Eyes GN1
C: Super Sharp Liner S BK-1
D: Cream Cheek PK-1
-All from Kate-



Step 1: Apply A’s BB cream from the centre of the face in outward strokes. Be sure to apply only a thin layer.

Step 2: Take the white pearl color at the top-left of A’s palette on your finger, and tap gently onto your entire eyelid to create a thin layer.

Step 3: With a tip, apply the thin pearl green color at the bottom-left of A’s palette over your entire eyelid! Be sure to blend the color in to create a thin, even layer.

Step 4: Using a tip, apply the champagne gold color at the bottom-right of A’s palette onto the inner corner of the eye. Blend the color into the upper eyelid.

Step 5: Take the grey color at the middle of A’s palette on a thin tip, and draw a line along the upper lashline. Draw another line along your waterline, from the bottom of your iris to the outer corner.

Step 6: Take the deep brown color at the top-right of A’s palette on a thin tip, and draw a line on your upper eyelid following the waterline drawn in Step 5, from the middle of your iris to the outer corner.

Step 7: Draw an eyeline with C’s eyeliner. Extend the eyeline straight out at the outer corner, with a slight upward slant at the end. You can also add a little thickness to the end of the line.

Step 8: For the upper lashes, pick a natural-looking design that has thin long tufts of lashes. For the bottom lashes, do not use false lashes, just use lengthening mascara to extend your own lashes.

Step 9: Take D’s cream cheek on the tip of your finger, apply onto the top of your cheekbones and blend the color outwards.