from Popteen November 2011.


Make-Up for School: The “No Make-Up” Look



Brow mascara to tone down brows!
“Since my hair is black, making my brows a shade lighter helps to bring out my eyes!”

Highlight lashes & tearducts for a 3D feel ♪
“If I apply lame to my bottom eyelid to highlight my tearducts, I look really refreshed. A gold color goes well with my uniform too”

Nail the nude look!
“If I use a pink lipstick, my teachers will easily see that I have make-up on. (laugh) So just a little gloss will do ok!”


Recommended Items

A: Eyebrow Mascara LB-2 / KATE
B: BB Base Cream 02 / Maybelline
C: Concealer / Candy Doll
D: Soft Melty Glam Gradation Eyes / RIMMEL
E: Crystal Face Powder / Candy Doll
F: Dolly Wink Eyeshadow 01 Brown / Koji
G: Dolly Wink 01 Gold / Koji
H: Cheek Color Blush (Miracle Orange) / Eyemazing
I: Lip Stick in Apricot Beige / Candy Doll
J: Lip Gloss (Milky Pink) / Eyemazing
K: Dolly Wink Long Mascara / Koji


How to Make-Up: Skin

Step 1: Apply BB cream with your fingers!
Squeeze a 5-yen coin-sized drop of B’s BB cream onto your hand, and apply onto your entire face. Use your fingers for a quick and even application!

Step 2: Use concealer to hide any holes and pimples!
Apply C’s concealer onto any holes or pimples and gently spread with a sponge. Candy Doll’s concealer spreads really well.

Step 3: Cover all with powder!
Remove the sieve cover from E’s powder case and take up powder directly from the container. Don’t be stingy, apply powder until you achieve white, glossy skin ♪

Step 4: Brush off any excess powder
Brush off excess powder with a brush.

Base make-up can help to conceal sunburnt skin, so I really recommend this. There’s no foundation used as well, so it’s hard for cracks to develop and you won’t get the cakey look.


How to Make-Up: Brows

Step 5: Lighten and tidy brows with brow mascara!
It’s important to choose a brow mascara that is a shade lighter than your hair color. A’s mascara tidies up your brow hairs with just one application.


How to Make-Up: Eyes

Step 6: Apply foundation on the eyelid and tearducts
Apply a thin layer of G’s foundation, which has lame bits inside, with your finger. Also apply some on your bottom eyelid, from the inner corner to below your iris, for a fresh look.

Step 7: Lots of light brown shadow ON!
Take up lots of D’s shadow color (top left) onto a brush, and apply on your eyelid. It’s a light color, so it’s ok to apply more.

Step 8: Blend brown shadow onto double eyelid
To deepen your eyes, apply F’s brown shadow onto your double eyelid. The color 2nd from the right on the palette is just casual enough~

Step 9: Shadow on your lower eyelid too
Apply the same brown shadow as Step 8 onto your lower eyelid, starting from the outer corner to below your iris. This makes your eyes look a little bigger.

Step 10: Extend your lashes with mascara ♪
Make your lashes stand out with repeated applications of K’s mascara. Apply mascara onto your bottom lashes too!

Even without eyeliner, your eyes look perfect. The lame in the foundation helps to showcase your eyes ★


How to Make-Up: Cheeks

Step 11: Limited application of blended orange
Gently tap the brush on H’s compact, then apply the blush from your cheekbones towards the outer corner of your eyes. Just a thin layer will do.

The point is to apply blush within an oblong limit. If you apply blush on too wide an area, or in round strokes, it’s easy to tell that you have make-up on.


How to Make-Up: Lips

Step 12: Moist and glossy lips are enough!
Apply I’s lipstick directly onto your lips, staying within your natural lip border. I recommend beige, instead of pink/red shades.

Step 13: Not too much! Choose a non-flashy color
Too much gloss is a no-no. Nail the look with J’s nude color.

These steps make your lips look more girly! But make sure to go for a natural look, and not the showy one ♪


Finished Look

Complete in 20 minutes ❤

Before make-up: “A tired look with panda eyes. (cries) Without make-up, my pimples are really obvious. I don’t want to go to school like this!”