from S Cawaii October 2011.


Make-up Tips: from the “Spoilt Brat Look” Special

Lessons from S Cawaii!’s popular hair&make-up artist Kasuya Yuusuke-san!



Thick lashes without the bunched feeling!

Recommended Items
A: Eyelash 900 Brown Mix Edition 915 / D.U.P
B: Diamond Lash / SHO-BI
C: Eyelash Under 704 / D.U.P

With own natural lashes as a base, highlight only the lashes at the outer corner of the eye!
Stick on A’s lashes in its entirety, and add on B’s lashes only at the outer corner of the eye. You can allow the lashes to extend beyond your eye, this emphasizes the weight at the outer corner. Stick on C’s lashes along your waterline, as close to your natural lashes as possible.

Skin tone gold-brown along the bottom eyelid

Recommended Item
Duo Eyeshadow 3018 / NARS JAPAN

Add brown shade along entire lower eyelid
Apply the gold-brown color on the right of A’s palette along your entire lower eyelid. It’s ok to apply a thick line. This is to help make your eyes look larger overall, so don’t place emphasis on the outer corner only.

For the lips!

Recommended Items
A: Glossy Nude Rouge BE-300 / Visee
B: Glossy Nude Rouge OR-200 / Visee

These liquid rouges helps you to achieve glossy lips with a smooth even application. Apply A’s rouge over your entire lips, then apply B’s rouge only in the centre of your lips for a pouty look.



Oblong cheeks in mature color

Recommended Items
Addiction Blush 014 / Addiction Beauty

Horizontal strokes beside the nostrils!
Apply the blush in the oblong area right beside the nostrils. Create a natural gradient with outward strokes, so it looks like a natural flush.

Brown false lashes for gentle eyes ♪

Recommended Items
A: Eyelash 900 Brown Mix Edition 914 / D.U.P
B: Eyelash Value Pack VP-37N / Muraki

Natural barely noticeable eyelashes!
Stick on A’s lashes as close to the upper lashline as possible. The brown lashes look really natural. Stick on B’s lashes along your waterline.

For the eyes and lips!

Recommended Items
A: Lip Rouge V760 / Anna Sui
B: Dusty Bright Eyes 01 / RMK Div.



From arched brows to short straight brows!

Recommended Items
A: Micro Slim Eyebrow BR741 / Integrate
B: Eyebrow Color Works 77/ MAQuillAGE

Draw brows with pencil
Draw your brows, starting from the arch to the end, using A’s pencil. Thicken the bottom of the brows and straighten them. When you’re done, color them with B’s brow color.

Connect a line from the corner of the mouth to the outer corner of the eye to find the endpoint of your brow!
To determine where to end your brow, we normally draw a line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. This time, we draw a line from the corner of the mouth instead. If your brows are too long, your face will look broad.



Open the inner corners and emphasize the outer corners to lengthen your eyes!

Recommended Items
A: Eyelash 610 / D.U.P
B: Color Stay Liquid Liner 301 / Revlon

Lashes at outer corner to get rid of droopy eyes!
Stick on A’s lashes such that 1cm protrudes out from the outer corner of your eye, and ensure that it is as close to your upper lashline as possible. By emphasizing the outer corners of your eyes, they won’t look as droopy. It also lengthens your eyes.

Increase eye length by opening inner corners!
Draw an eyeline along your upper lashline using B’s liner. At the inner corner, draw an in-line about 1cm long along your waterline. This opens up your eyes and makes your eyes look less far apart.



Bringing up the nose for a lively look ☆

Recommended Items
A: Eyebrow and Nose Shadow BR731 / Integrate
B: Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Medium-Dark / MAC
C: Gradation Mix Face Color SP120 / FASIO

Nose shadow from brows to nostrils!
Mix the 2 colors in A’s palette and gently create a nose shadow from the start of the brows down to the nostrils. Creating shadows along low points will emphasize the height of your nose.

Creating light and shadow for a smaller face ☆
Apply B’s powder around the outer regions of your face, coming in around the cheekbones. Then, apply C’s powder at regions which you wish to highlight, such as the T-zone, below the eyes, and the chin.



Lightening the brows to change the eyes!

Recommended Items
A: Astraea Virgo Eyelash Professional Selection No.1 / Shanty
B: Eyelash Value Pack VP-36N / Muraki
C: Eyebrow Color N LB-2 / Kate

Natural lashes along upper lashline!
Stick on A’s upper lashes and B’s lower lashes right along the upper lashline and waterline respectively. These false lashes look natural, so stick them at a natural slanting angle.

Brow mascara for a natural brow color!
Apply C’s mascara onto your black brows. Brush in the opposite direction first to get the color onto your brows, then brush in the natural direction to tide up the hairs.