from JJ December 2011.


Retro Mode Look: Eyes

Sharp smoky eyes for that strong-willed look


How to Make-up

Step 1: Duo Eyeshadow 3045 / NARS JAPAN
Apply the brown sugar color on the left over your entire eyelid. The pearly color will make your eyes shine and gloss, and give it depth as well.

Step 2: Bronzing Powder 01 / BOBBI BROWN
Create a nose shadow to enhance the sharp look. Apply the powder in the triangle zone at your nose bridge.

Step 3: Eyeliner Pencil Blackjack / ADDICTION BEAUTY
Use a deep black eyeliner to completely surround your eyes. Do not draw right along your waterline.

Step 4: Palette Noir / Yves St Laurent
Apply the matte black color on the bottom right of the palette onto your double eyelid. Blend this into the eyeline drawn in Step 3.

Step 5: Palette Noir / Yves St Laurent
Apply the shiny black color on the top left of the palette above the eyeline along your bottom eyelid. Be careful not to spread the black color too much. This helps to create sharp eyes.

Step 6: Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 WP SB01 / K-Palette
Use a liquid eyeliner to go over your blended eyeline once more. Follow the shape of your eye closely and draw a thin line. You’re done!