from Popteen March 2012.


Popteen March Nails


Ribbon Nails

Paired with a stylish pattern, let’s get swe~et ❤
Ribbon nails that instantly bring out the girl in you. Making use of red and pink, stones, pearls, lame… so much swe~etness!! You can incorporate popular patterns like dots or checks too!

Step 1: Shape your nail into an oval, then apply a layer of bright pink polish. Apply a second layer to make sure the color is opaque!

Step 2: With an acrylic paintbrush, draw a large ribbon on the nail with matte white polish. Go over the ribbon with 2 layers of polish.

Step 3: Take some clear polish with thin gold lame bits inside on a thin brush, and outline the ribbon as shown.

Step 4: Stick on rhinestones and gold prions around the ribbon with glue, in a balanced design as shown.

Design each nail in a different pattern, and use different shades of pink as base to create an overall unity. Also, use white rhinestones to match with the white ribbon for a more balanced design! You can have 2 nails with similar designs, but make sure that they don’t end up on adjacent fingers.


Sweets Nails

The real 3D parts make these nails look delicious~ ❤
Chocolates and macarons, ice-cream and fruits, these sweets nails are full of cute designs! Aside from the 3D parts, the colorful paints also bring out the fun in this popular design ♪

Step 1: Shape your nail into an oval, then apply a thin layer of pink polish over the entire nail.

Step 2: Using a brown polish, draw shapes as shown to resemble dripping chocolate. Go over with 2 layers of polish.

Step 3: Using a wooden stick, stick on green and pink rhinestones onto the chocolate section in a balanced design as shown.

Step 4: Using the wooden stick again, arrange gold prions in a scattered pattern across the chocolate section. Secure these with glue, and you’re done!

Vary the shape of dripping chocolate on each nail for a lively look. Also, balance out the design with one nail loaded with lots of jewels! For unity, keep the base polish, rhinestone and stud colors the same throughout all the nails ♪