from Popteen November 2011.


Lovely Braid Hairstyles!

Braids and plaits are so simple, but we love how they can look so stylish ❤ Now, we show you all, from the simplest patterns to detailed ones!! Braid styles fit for anything from romantic dates to school, everyone, mark this down for reference ♪


Date: Romantic Hair-down Braid Style!

Men’s favorite fluffy curls & casual braids, a style that is both natural and full of girliness ❤ There should be no guy who won’t fall for this look!!

Step 1: Using a 32mm curler, do mix curls on your hair, starting from mid-length. Curl small amounts at any one time for that fluffy look.

Step 2: Roughly take a section of hair from the top of your head. Start French-braiding from the right side of your head, braiding towards your left.

Step 3: Continue the French-braid until just above your ear, then change to the common braid style. Braid all the way to the hair ends, and secure with a hairtie.

Step 4: Lastly, use your fingers to pull at the top of the braid to add roughness. Pull only at the back part of the braid to increase volume!


Girls’ Outing: Easy Horizontal Side Braid!

For a popular style with friends, the keyword is “easy but stylish”! A rough braid style that is relaxed and perfect for a girls’ outing ★

Step 1: Divide the hair above your right ear into 3 sections to start braiding. Pull the sections diagonally upwards as you braid.

Step 2: Continue to braid towards your left collar. Add in the rest of your hair slowly, in large sections, as you move along.

Step 3: Secure the braid with a hairtie, then wrap a thin section of hair around the hairtie to conceal it. Secure with a pin.

Step 4: Using a 26mm curler, curl the ends of the hair framing your face for a more relaxed look.


Shopping: Stylish curled updo!

Shibuya, where the gyarus gather, it’s essential to look stylish!! But since we’re going shopping, a fuss-free style that won’t get in the way is the best!

Step 1: Curl all your hair into mix curls using a 26mm curler. This adds fluff and volume to your hair.

Step 2: Separate the hair on top of your head out, bring the rest of the left side, and start doing the common braid.

Step 3: After braiding your hair, twist it around your head, and secure the hair ends at the top of your head using pins.

Step 4: Release the hair on top of your head, and let it fall casually to your right side. Apply spray to help keep the voluminous look!


School: Straight Braid Hairband!

No time in the morning to curl your hair, but you can look stylish with straight hair like this too! Easy to see, even your teachers will love it ♪

Step 1: Straighten your hair from roots to tips with a straigtener. This will also make your hair appear glossier.

Step 2: Starting with the hair above your left ear, braid towards the top of your right ear over the top of your head. Work sections of hair into your braid as you go along, and it’s ok if the braid is a little thick.

Step 3: Secure the braid with a pin behind your right ear. This hides the pin and makes the style look neat and like a real hairband!


An Outing with Mama: All-Up Braid Style!

This detailed style looks really elegant, refreshing and clean, just like how a young lady should look ★

Step 1: After loosely curling all of your hair, separate out the hair on your left side, and start braiding this section from the top of your head.

Step 2: Braid the hair on your right side and at the back of your head in the same manner. You should end up with 3 braids.

Step 3: Take the leftmost braid and twist it around itself to create a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure with pins.

Step 4: Take the center braid and wind it around the bun created in Step 3, secure with pins.

Step 5: Take the rightmost braid and wind it around the bun created in Step 4, and secure with pins. Pin a barette to your bun, and you’re done.