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Elegant Tied-Up Style

The occasion; a dinner date at a classy restaurant for your boyfriend’s birthday. Dressed up with a fur muffler, a slightly elegant tied-up style will look good!



Step 1: Gather and tie up all hair above ears
Gather up all the hair that is above your ears. Use your finger to pull down some of the hair at the bottom of the gathered bunch. This creates a zigzag line that looks cute from the back! Tie up the rest of the bunch with a hairtie.

Step 2: Add volume to the tied-up bunch
To up the elegance of this style, pull sections of the tied-up hair in different directions. Also, pull gently at the hair at the top of your head to add volume.

Step 3: Arrange your bangs and secure with a pin
Clip a decorative pin onto the section of hair that’s between your bangs and your side hair. This casual style will surely capture his attention! Your simple yet elegant hairdo is done.

Note: Leave some hair loose and untied at your nape
If you tie all your hair up, it’ll look like you’re overdoing it, so leave a little hair loose at the nape of your neck for that feminine look!