from Seventeen March 2012.


Suzuki Emi-san’s Cat Lashes

★Go for the bunched impact rather than cleanly separated lashes!
★For cute curled lashes, a hot curler is a must-have!
★Attaching false lashes only on the outer corner is recommended for a natural look
★Smudgeproof mascara is a must!


Recommended Items

A: Decorative Eyelash Curler / SHO-BI
B: Decorative Eyelash Play Cute No.3 / SHO-BI
C: Bridget Feather Curl Mascara BK-1 / SHO-BI
D: Lash Curl Volume Comb EH-SE30P / Panasonic
E: Decorative Eyelash Play Cute No.4 / SHO-BI



Step 1: Use A’s curler to curl your lashes right at the roots. Getting a nice curl at this step is important.

Step 2: Before the curl slackens, quickly apply C’s mascara only onto the lashes on the inner half of your eye.

Step 3: Cut B’s false lash in half, and attach onto the outer half of your eye. Use tweezers to make this step easier.

Step 4: Generously apply C’s mascara onto the lashes at the outer half of your eye to stick the natural and false lashes together.

Step 5: To nail that beautiful curl, it’s a must to use a hot curler. Use D’s curler for this step.

Step 6: Using a pair of tweezers, slowly work your way along your lashline, pinching lashes together gently to get that bunched look.

Step 7: Apply lots of C’s mascara onto your bottom lashes as well. I recommend applying 2~3 layers.

Step 8: Stick on E’s false lashes onto the outer corner of your eye. Stick them a little below your actual natural lashline to up that cat’s eye look ☆


Note on eye make-up

Recommended Items
Bridget Romantic Eyes RD-1 / SHO-BI
Eye Studio Creamy Gel Liner 01 / Maybelline New York

Use the bottom right color on the shadow palette to extend your upper lashline. Apply it also along the outer 1/3 of your lower waterline.

Draw a wingtip using the gel liner at the end of the eyeline drawn in the previous step.


Note on lip make-up

Recommended Items
Cremesheen Glass Fashion Whim / M.A.C

With such high-impact eye make-up, it’s best to tone down on the lip make-up!