from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol.42 2011 Winter.
shared by Laurita.


Lolita Style: Dignified Lady’s Make-Up

A beautiful lady’s make-up, with bewitching colors on the eyes ❤


EYE: Creating almond eyes with wingtip eyelines is a point ❤
For lady’s make-up, purple and blue eyeshadow are essential! Use these 2 colors to create a gradient, and draw a bold eyeline with a wingtip. Apply false lashes only onto the top lash line for a brazen look.

LIP: Beautiful red lips contrasting with white skin ❤
Natural lips are faint in color, so red lipstick won’t be too much. Use a brush to draw an outline first, then apply the lipstick carefully to your lips. Apply gloss liberally for fresh and shiny lips!

BASE & CHEEK: Impressionistic powdered matte skin ❤
Use base and concealer to hide any redness or freckles. Then, apply liquid foundation and loose powder. Apply the cheek color in an upward slant to achieve a sharp face line.


Recommended Items

A: Eye Color 102 / Anna Sui
B: Eye Color 203 / Anna Sui
C: Astraea Virgo Eyelash Professional Selection No.1 / Shandy
D: Cezanne Powder Eyebrow R-Soft Brown / Cezanne Cosmetics
E: Cezanne Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black / Cezanne Cosmetics
F: Volume Fast & Perfect 51 / bourgeois
G: Cezanne Nose Shadow Highlight / Cezanne Cosmetics
H: effet 3D NN06 / bourgeois
I: Sweet Kiss Natural 13 / bourgeois
J: Sweets Sweets Powder Blush PD11 / Cezanne Cosmetics
K: Sweets Sweets Blend Highlighter BH1 / Cezanne Cosmetics
L: Cezanne UV Ultra Fit Base N01 / Cezanne Cosmetics
M: Healthy Mix Serum Foundation 51 / bourgeois
N: Cezanne Concealer Crayon 01 / Cezanne Cosmetics
O: Loose Powder 200 / Anna Sui



Step 1: Use Product L as a make-up base, and apply onto your forehead, cheeks and chin. Blend the product into your skin using your fingertips.

Step 2: Apply M’s foundation onto your cheeks and blend into your skin with patting motions.

Step 3: Pat O’s loose powder onto your face to create a smooth foundation for make-up.

Step 4: Apply N’s concealer to the bottom of your eyes, and blend using your fingertips.

Step 5: Apply K’s highlight powder around your eyes to brighten up the area.

Step 6: Apply B’s eyeshadow onto your entire eyelid. Add a slight wingtip at the outer corner!

Step 7: Apply B’s eyeshadow on the outer 1/3 of your bottom waterline.

Step 8: Apply A’s eyeshadow from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner corner. Try to get a gradient with thick application on the outer corner, fading to no application at the inner corner.

Step 9: Use E’s eyeliner to draw a thin eyeline, with a wingtip at the outer corner

Step 10: For the bottom eyelid, draw an eyeline only along the outer 1/3 of your bottom waterline.

Step 11: Blend the eyeline using a cotton tip. Your eyes will look more intense with a natural eyeline.

Step 12: Cut C’s false lashes so that its length fits your natural lash line.

Step 13: Stick on the false lashes, leaving a 5mm gap at the inner corner.

Step 14: Apply F’s mascara onto your lower lashes. Hold the brush vertically and gently apply mascara onto each lash.

Step 15: Using the leftmost color of G’s nose shadow palette, create a shadow in the area between the inner corner of your eye and the nostrils to define your nose.

Step 16: For your brows, take up the light brown color on D’s palette (left) on a tip and draw a straight line, starting above the inner corner of your eye.

Step 17: Apply J’s cheek color from your cheekbone to your temple for a sharp look.

Step 18: Outline your lips using I’s liptick first, before carefully apply it onto your lips.

Step 19: Apply H’s lip gloss onto your entire lips to add shine and bring out the lip color!