from Popteen March 2012.


#01: Mizukitty’s Simple Side Twist

“A simple yet stylish arrangement of a side twist secured by a ribbon ♪ My hair is short, so I can’t tie it nicely with a hairtie, but a barette allows me to easily clip my hair in place!”

Ribbon: “My favorite accented orange. This ribbon from INGNI is simple and easy to match. I also use it to hide badly-curled hair (laugh)”

Coordination: “I like this top from snidel, which has dots on a white background! I chose a retro coordination to match with the ribbon!”


Step 1: Use a 25mm curler to curl all your hair. Fluff up the hair at the top of your head at the roots, then take up some hair from the top of your head and twist it towards the front of your ear.

Step 2: Secure the twisted strand together with your side hair with the ribbon right above your ear. Use your fingers to gently loosen up the twisted hair to add volume!


#02: Yukinoko’s Young Lady Half-up

“Because a half-up style that is tied up too high makes me look too much like a little girl, I did a lower half-up style that looks calmer and more like an elegant young lady ❤”

Ribbon: “A hairtie that looks like a real ribbon barette. This ribbon from MURUA comes in retro orange. I love how it is girlish, yet goes with elegant coordinations ❤”

Coordination: “The ribbon is sweet, so an elegant chiffon X lace monotone coordination completes a mature style”


Step 1: Use a 28mm curler to curl the ends of all your hair. Leaving your bangs untouched, sweep all of your side hair to the back.

Step 2: Gather the hair at a low position and secure with the hairtie. Leave the hair at the top of your head smoothed down and tight for a calm look.


#03: Minyatocchi’s Flashy Volume-up Hair

“A huge red ribbon really catches the eye, so I curled my hair into thin twists to complement the showy nature of the ribbon! A down style is more girly than an up style ❤”

Ribbon: “A large ribbon that really captures attention! I bought this ribbon from Paris Kids because it’s big and red!”

Coordination: “The ribbon is girly, so I matched it with a checked skirt for a casual Western look”


Step 1: Use a 25mm curler to do mix curls on all of your hair. Make sure to curl all the way to the roots!

Step 2: Clip on the ribbon at an appropriate spot. The best position for a large ribbon is above the ear, near the face ★


#04: Nene-chan’s Fluffy Braids for Students

“A ribbon adds a refreshing touch to my dark green top. Match your entire outfit with popular retro colors like green, khaki and mustard!”

Ribbon: “A ribbon from Paris Kids that is not too big and not too small!”

Coordination: “Braids make me look like a student, so I went for a preppy look with loafer pumps and a cardigan”


Step 1: Divide your hair into left and right sections. Leave some hair in front of your ears, gather up the rest and do a loose common braid starting from below your ears, and secure with a hairtie. Repeat for the other side to get 2 braids.

Step 2: Use a holding spray on your braids to keep their style. Attach the ribbon right above your ear!


#05: Zomigon’s Twisted Bangs for Dates

“Ribbons are great when you go on dates, or when you dress up in girly coordinations! With a stylish braid style, even your boyfriend will be full of praises ❤”

Ribbon: “I chose a ribbon in navy, my recent favorite color! The velvet material and gold rhinestone makes it look rich and classy ❤”

Coordination: “miel’s lace dress is so classy ❤ I chose a shade of blue to match with the ribbon”


Step 1: Use a 25mm curler to do mix curls on all your hair. Gather your bangs and hair from the top of your head, and start french braiding towards the side.

Step 2: Keep braiding until you reach your temple, then secure with the ribbon barette. Be careful not to attach the ribbon too far behind!


#06: Kaepyon’s Top Bun

“A bun alone seems a little lacking, but it becomes a cute look with a ribbon ♪ Ribbons are perfect for matching with girly coordinations, or when you want to add a highlight to your outfit!”

Ribbon: “I’m in love with this bright red ribbon ♪ It caught my eye as I was shopping in 109’s Grand Edge!”

Coordination: “Ank’s dress in retro colors is so 80’s and cute, so I did a mature girly coordination!”


Step 1: Use a 32mm curler to loosely curl your hair ends. Tie up all your back hair into a high ponytail like shown.

Step 2: Use a backcombing technique to add volume and fluffiness to your hair, then twist into a bun and secure with the ribbon hairtie.


#07: Airisa-chan’s Mature Girly High Ponytail

“I love refreshing ponytail hairstyles that look really fluffy! A blouse X skirt X ribbon combi is completed by a ponytail style for maximum cute ❤”

Ribbon: “Velvet and a portrait piece make this ribbon so vintage ♪ It’s embroidered by hand, so it’s quite a sturdy piece!”

Coordination: “To achieve a mature look with a ribbon, I matched my outfit with similar shades of deep colors!”


Step 1: Use a 26mm curler to do torsion curls on your hair, starting from the roots. Gather up all your back hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Attach the ribbon barette at a slight angle. Be sure not to attach it to the top of your head, and that will make you look like a kid!


#08: Shiruku-chan’s Braids with Chibi Ribbons

“I love ribbons, so I have lots of them, and I think it’s cute to have lots of chibi ribbons in my hair ❤ Hiding within fluffy tresses, this style is just so girly!”

Ribbon: “Tiny ribbon clips from clairesn are so colorful and pretty ❤”

Coordination: “I think white knits and ribbons are the best for girly styles! I matched fluffy clothes to my fluffy hairstyle”


Step 1: Use a 25mm curler to do mix curls on your hair. Take a section of hair from near your face, and do the common braid.

Step 2: Attach the ribbon clips at the end of the braid, and along sections of the braid as well. Repeat on the other side for a balanced style!


#09: Aya-chon’s Boys’ “Disregarded!” Volume Bob

“Boys don’t really like big ribbon styles, so I do it on days when I’m dressing up to please myself! (laugh) A red ribbon would be too flashy, so I went for calming black”

Ribbon: “A ribbon hairband with dots on lace, from L.D.S. ❤ I like how it’s half the size of my head!”

Coordination: “A monochrome look is chic, but I matched a patterned top with red shorts for a poppish look!”


Step 1: Use a 19mm curler to curl only the ends of your hair. Do mix curls, but try to do more outward curls!

Step 2: Tie your hair into low twintails and fluff them up to add volume. Put on your hairband to complete.


#10: Pikarin’s Rabbit Chic Signature Twintails

“Though this is my signature twintail style, wearing long thin ribbons like this is refreshing, since you seldom see them worn except in manga and anime! They look like wedding bouquets, so cute~❤”

Ribbon: “This set of 2 ribbons are from Paris Kids, for ¥315. They’re great because they’re not heavy!”

Coordination: “A white knit parka with rabbit ears from Ank, and a pink skirt from Liz makes a moe-Pikarin ❤”


Step 1: Tie twintails near the back of your head, and tie the ribbon over the hairtie to conceal it!


#11: Okarie’s Top Volume Fluffy Short Style

“Ribbons just match well with every kind of coordination! For short hair, using a barette is easier and more convenient. Choose one that stands out for a cute doll look ♪”

Ribbon: “A black ribbon goes great with pale coordinations. It looks cute with a side style!”

Coordination: “A pink cardigan to start spring off ♪ The denim shorts and pearls give a gorgeous casual feel!”


Step 1: Do mix curls on all your hair. Take up a section from the back of your head, twist it from the back to the front and secure it with pins.

Step 2: Attach the ribbon barette to hide the pins. Adjust the ribbon so that it faces directly to the front.


#12: Maapipi’s Super Retro Parted Bangs Style

“Rounded sideswept bangs give you a retro and gentle look! It’s really easy to do, so I often do it during lectures and make-up time to keep hair off my face ♪”

Ribbon: “The gold makes it look classy, and the centerpiece is super eyecatching too!”

Coordination: “A gorgeous dress with a pearl collar gives off a classy retro feel!”


Step 1: Take a small section of side hair right next to your bangs, and sweep it together with your bangs to the opposite side of your face. Hold it behind your ear.

Step 2: Arrange the hair such that you get a nice curve over your forehead, then attach the ribbon next to your temple.