from Seventeen March 2012.


Surefire Coordinations for Girls of All Heights! Part 2

Read Part 1 [[HERE]].



#1: Sexiness Plus
Off-shoulder white knit & fluffy mini-skirt is a hearthrob killer combi!

on right: Wear knee-high boots to lengthen your legs and morph into a tall girl!
A moderately tight knit and skirt, paired with knee-high boots to reveal just a bit of thigh is effective to change you into a tall girl! Choose light colors such as camel for your knee-high boots.
on left: A moderately loose knit top that allows peeks of your shoulders
Knit tops which are too large look unbalanced on your body, so choose one that fits you well. Wear a white knit in a coordination that reveals your legs to achieve an overall light and airy feel.

#2: Slender Long Legs
Match knits with “old man” pants, and wo~w!

Rolled up pants & high heels give you maximum leg length!
A collared knit of contrasting colors like navyxwhite will naturally draw the gaze upwards! It also looks lively when matched with pants, and waist-high pants like these make your legs look really long ★

When dressing in nondescript colors, wear a thin belt to create a high waistline!
When wearing nondescript colors like white and monotone checks, wearing a thin belt to create a high waistline is really effective! Rolling up your pants is also a must. Showing off your ankles is a well-loved style, and also ups the overall balance of your coordination ♪

#3: Cuteness MAX ❤
Loose duffel coat and knitted dress is so cute ❤

A-Line duffel with a fitting knit dress
With a poncho, the duffel looks tight and fitting, but actually feels loose and comfy. Wear dark colored leggings to make your legs look slim ❤

A loose striped dress with a light colored coat creates an overall light feel
When wearing a loose striped dress, reveal your legs for a light feel. Wearing a beret is effective in drawing the gaze upwards ★

#4: Mature Look
Bowtie blouse and waist-high shorts are a surefire combi ★

on right: Shorts & tights blend together to add height
A blouse with a bowtie retains the cuteness in this coordination ♪ Navy shorts and black tights blend the lower half of your body together, and the waist-high shorts also make you look taller and more mature!
on left:
Scan is cut off.



#1: Utilize That Height
Look mature and cute with a thin beige long cardigan and “old man” shorts ♪

on right: Tuck your top into your shorts to emphasize your height and long legs
Tucking your top into your “old man” shorts helps to emphasize the length of your legs. A long cardigan made of thin clingy material helps you to avoid looking huge!
on left: Translucent tights prevent you from looking heavy!
If you wear black tights with a thin beige long cardigan, your lower body will look heavy and your overall appearance bulky. So get that li~ght feel by wearing translucent tights.

#2: Cuteness Plus
A poncho and lace mini-skirt is the sweet coordination for tall girls!

Choose a hip-length poncho for a compact look!
Pick a substantial coat in a fitting size and dark color to avoid looking large! For bottoms, choose a small brown thigh-length skirt to create the impression of slender legs ❤

Match a stand-up collar poncho with a compact hairstyle!
When you wear a poncho with a voluminous stand-up collar, tie up all your hair to create the impression of a small face.

#3: Call Attention to Slender Legs
Wear thick-striped knits to pull the gaze upwards, and shorts to reveal long legs ★

Pink shorts go well with light gray stripes
Wear pink shorts with light grayxblack stripes to avoid looking top-heavy! Match short boots with loose socks in brown shades for a light feel.

Pull the gaze up with thick-striped knit, show off your long legs with fitting denim shorts
When you want to emphasize your long legs, match your thick stripes with shorts instead of a skirt! Choose fitting shorts instead of loose ones to make your legs seem slender.

#4: Delicate Look ❤
Loose knits in pastel colors & dotted mini-skirt is the most effective popular coordination!

Look refreshing with a see-through knit and revealing legs
The key to looking delicate is choosing a Dolman knit with see-through embroidery. Pick a black, fitting mini-skirt and fur boots to add volume at your feet for a complete look ♪

A loose turtleneck looks loose without creating volume
Wearing a loose knit which leaves the neck area exposed is another way to look delicate. Choose a trendy loose turtleneck which doesn’t add volume to your frame! Match your outfit entirely with pastel colors, then pick a dark color for your knee-high leggings to create a fitting contrast.