from mina November 2011.


mina Girls’ Facial Complexes Solved by Make-up!

Toriyabe Tomomi’s Flat Face

I aim to achieve a “no make-up” complexion, and use only mascara to bring out my eyes. Since my face has no contours, doing normal make-up would result in a gaudy look. My golden rule is to put on make-up bit-by-bit, until it’s just enough.


Step 1: Neatly apply powder to the T-zone and around the eyes
After applying base, use concealer to cover any blemishes. After that, skip the foundation step and finish off with loose powder. Make sure to apply more in the T-zone.
Recommended Item: Pure Brightening Daycare Powder SPF15 PA++ / Jill Stuart Beauty

Step 2: Moisture mist to achieve the “no make-up” look
After applying powder, blast your face once with moisture mist. As there is no foundation, the powder makes your face look white and relaxed.
Recommended Item: Avene Water 150g / Pierre Favre Japon

Step 3: Emphasize the outer corner of the eye to tone down on overall make-up look
Using a brown pencil eyeliner, draw a line along your bottom waterline, from the bottom of your pupil to the outer corner. Apply M.A.C’s brown eyeshadow around the outer corner of your eye.
Recommended Item: M.A.C Small Eyeshadow Tempting / Make-up Art Cosmetics

Step 4: For lashes, shape is more important than volume ❤
My lashes are bent, so to get a tidy look, put your mirror at a low angle to reflect up onto your face, and apply mascara to cleanly separate the lashes.
Recommended Item: Mascara Diorshow Iconic Extreme L 090 / Parfum Christian Dior

Step 5: Pink eyeshadow instead of brown for a girly look
Apply b’s color onto your entire eyelid, and along the inner half of your bottom eyelid, near to your tearduct, for a gentle look
Recommended Item: 2 Couleurs Smoky 051 / Parfum Christian Dior

Step 6: Gray eyeshadow creates shadows to make your eyes stand out
Apply a’s color along the outer half of your double eyelid crease, then curve in a V-shape along your upper lashline to reach the top of your pupil. This is the secret to deepen your eyes.
Recommended Item: Same as Step 5

Step 7: Pucker up your mouth for natural cheek make-up
Smile as you apply blush high up on your cheekbone. Then suck in your cheeks and pucker your mouth, before spreading the blush in a vertical line following the line created by your facial expression. This gives you a natural blush.
Recommended Item: Glow-on Peach 561 (Refill) / shu uemura

Step 8: Though I love lipstick, I hate applying too much
The top portion of my lip stands out too much, so I use concealer to make it look thinner. Apply pink lipstick onto your entire lip, then red lipstick only at the center. The resulting lips look more natural than if you only apply 1 color.
Recommended Items: M.A.C Lipstick Lovelorn / Make-up Art Cosmetics. Irresistable Lips B06 / RMK Division


Honda Hitomi’s Round Baby Face

I aim to achieve a small face and deep eyes, just like Western girls! My features are clearly defined, but the overall impression is flat, so I create layers. Using blush and shading, I create an inverted triangular shape for my face to bring out depth. I’m still experimenting with different techniques everyday ♪


Step 1: Create a clear double eyelid from my natural hidden double
Use fibre-tape to create double eyelids. Stick on the tape with your eye slightly open, so that the result will look natural once you open your eyes fully.
Recommended Item: AB Magical Fibre-Tape 60 pieces / Blue and Pink

My natural double eyelid is hidden at the inner corner, but it comes out with tape. It also makes my eyes look bigger.

Step 2: The secret to keeping the double eyelid look, double eyelid tape!
Cut the double eyelid tape into a small piece and stick it only at the inner corner of your eye. Apply ‘excellent eyetalk’ from the end of the tape to the outer corner, and push inwards to reinforce the double eyelid created in Step 1.
Recommended Items: Double Eyelid Tape / Lucky. Eyetalk Excellent 13ml / KOJI

Step 3: Nose shadow for a high nose
Starting from the portion between the inner eye corner and nose, apply a’s powder all the way to the nostrils. Apply the powder in an inverted triangle for a mixed race look.
Recommended Item: Noseshadow Highlight / Cezanne Cosmetics

Step 4: The usual brown eyeshadow for a gentle style
Apply a’s color onto your entire eyelid, then use a large brush to apply b’s color in a triangle as shown. Next, use a thin brush to apply more of b’s color along your upper lashline.
Recommended Item: Majolica Majorca Majolook (Illuminator) BR799 / Shiseido

Step 5: Draw an inline with the eyeliner
With a liquid eyeliner, draw an inline along your upper waterline to keep the balance with your double eyelid. Extend the eyeline a little at the outer corner.
Recommended Item: Joliet Joliet Black Eyeliner / AVANCE

Step 6: Emphasize round eyes by sticking on false lashes at a downward angle
Cut the false lash into 2/3 of its original length, then stick it on at the outer corner of your eye, leaving a 1~2mm allowance at the outer corner. Stick it on at a downward angle for a more mature look.
Recommended Item: Diamond Lash Fairy eye / SHO-BI

Step 7: Obsessed with natural thick brows
For a conservative look, choose a light-colored brow mascara. This immediately creates a casual look!
Recommended Item: Drole De Sourcils N #23 / Bourjois

Step 8: Glossy cheeks are a must-have
First, apply the glossy blush in horizontal strokes. Then, apply the beige blush on top of that and blend in an inverted triangle shape.
Recommended Items: Diamond Blush Honey Orange / Wave Corporation. Lasting Cheek 04 / Cezanne Cosmetics

Step 9: I dislike thick lips, so I don’t do much
After applying lip cream, apply concealer to tone down your lips. Apply gloss only onto the center of your lips.
Recommended Item: Jelly Gloss PK3 / ettusais


Sakoh Ayana’s Baby Face

Though I want to look mature and neat, what I aim for most is natural-looking make-up. So I use brown eyeliner and no blush… Effortless make-up is the best!


Step 1: Natural skin is a must, so no blush!
Apply liquid foundation over your entire face, then apply concealer using your fingertips. Next, apply powdery foundation to your T-zone and the areas around your eyes. I tend to have a red face, and I want that to become my natural flush, so I don’t use any blush.
Recommended Item: MAQuillAGE Lighting White Powder UV SPF25 PA++ (Refill) / Shiseido

After covering my face with liquid foundation and powder, the flush is gone.

Step 2: The usual pale pink for cute eyes ♪
Choose a girly pink for eyeshadow. Apply 1’s color over the entire eyelid, 2’s color along your double eyelid crease, then 3’s color along your upper lashline.
Recommended Item: Majolica Majorca Majolook (Illuminator) BR799 / Shiseido

Step 3: Brown along the lashline, black between the lashes!
With a brown liquid eyeliner, draw an eyeline from the inner to outer corner. End your line at the area where your double eyelid ends. Fill in the spaces between your lashes with a black liquid eyeliner. Using black for this helps to create a tight firm finish.
Recommended Items: Kate Super Sharp Liner BK and BR-1. / Kanebo Cosmetics

Step 4: Mascara to add length to lashes
Apply mascara generously to both top and bottom lashes. For the bottom lashes, move your brush vertically to add length.
Recommended Item: Extra Deep W Mascara 01 / RMK Division

Step 5: Brighten your lower eyelid to make the eyes stand out more
Apply 1’s color to the inner corner of your upper eyelid and around your tearduct. This makes the lashes near your tearduct more prominent, which has the effect of emphasizing the shape of your eyes.
Recommended Item: Same as Step 2

Step 6: Nail the cute look with your lips ♪ Red for maximum girliness
Apply lip cream, then pat the red lipstick only onto the center of your lips with your fingers. Apply gloss onto your entire lip using a brush. Application with a brush ensures a neat finish
Recommended Items: Rouge Allure 40 / Chanel. Lip Gloss 09 / Elegance Cosmetics