from JJ November 2011.

For Short Hair Chapter.


12 Hairstyles with Hats: Long Hair Chapter

The claim “hair arrangements are hard” no longer apply these days. These hairstyles can be done even by the most clumsy girl. Here, we bring you through the arrangement process step-by-step ❤

Floppy Hat X Side Gather

“This rich brown hat is elegant and classy, and goes easily with anything, so I wear it frequently.”


Step 1: Leave the sides, braid the rest
After curling all your hair, gather all your hair at your left side and do a loose braid. Secure with a hairtie. Leave your side hair out of the braid.

Step 2: Loosen the braid
While holding the hairtie in one hand, use your other hand to gently pull bunches of hair on the side closer to your face upwards, thus loosening the braid.

Step 3: Put on the hat tilted upwards
As the floppy hat has a large brim, put it on at a slightly tilted angle, with the highest part over your face. Arrange the hair around your face to complete.

Borsalino X Rough Braids

“This hat has a floppy brim, so it doesn’t look too stiff, and I use it daily ♪”


Step 1: Start with 2 pigtails
Divide your hair into 2 halves, then tie each below the ear. For a loose look, pull the hair at the back of your head loose a little.

Step 2: Do loose braids
Loosely braid your hair until 10cm from the hair ends, then secure with a hairtie. Loosen the braid further by gently pulling bunches of hair within the braid outwards.

Step 3: Put on the hat at a casual angle
Put on the hat at an angle, with the left side tilted upwards. Flip the brim up as well, so it doesn’t cast a shadow on your face.

Beret Hat X Bob Arrange

“Girly items with long fur are on heavy rotation this year. The soft, warm material is just perfect for this cold season.”


Step 1: Start braiding from below the shoulders
Do a loose braid with all your hair, starting from below the shoulders until your hair ends, and secure with a hairtie.

Step 2: Twist braid inwards
Curl your braid and twist it inwards to create a bob. Secure by inserting pins from your nape upwards into your hair.

Step 3: Put on the hat
First, put on the hat straight, then slowly pull it off until your bangs look relaxed and loose. Arrange your bob to complete.

Ladies’ Hat X Braid-Up

“A great retro ladies’ hat with a large flower at the side. Fit for wedding ceremonies and receptions.”


Step 1: French braid from the top + common braid
Divide your hair into halves along the center. Do French braids on each side from the top until below the ear, then switch to the common braid.

Step 2: Secure both braids
Bring the left braid to the area below your right ear, and secure with pins. Curl the right braid into a bun below the right ear, and secure with pins.

Step 3: Put on the hat at an angle
Sweep your bangs to one side, then put on the hat at an angle opposite to the flow of your bangs. This shows your bangs, and gives a sweet impression.

Bowler Hat X Twin Buns

“This hat got its name from inventor Bowler, and also because it’s shaped like a bowl. Goes well with traditional coordinations for a mature look ♪”


Step 1: Divide into 2, do loose braids
Divide your hair into halves, then loosely braid each side, starting from below the ear. Braid until you reach the hair ends, then secure with hairties.

Step 2: Twist into the roots, secure with pins
Curl the braid tightly into the roots, and secure with pins. Repeat for the other side to get 2 buns.

Step 3: Put the hat on loosely
Flip the hat’s brim up, and loosely place it on your head. Make sure your buns are low enough so that they don’t touch the hat.

Jockey Hat X Twist-Up

“This is a big hat, so it’s good for styles which need you to hide your hair. The reddish brown color goes well with my skin.”


Step 1: Twist hair at one side
After curling all your hair, start twisting your hair from below your right ear towards the area below your left ear, picking up more hair as you move along.

Step 2: Twist hair into the roots and secure
Once you’ve reached the area below your left ear, continue twisting until you reach the hair ends. Continue twisting until your hair starts to curl into the roots, and when all your hair is twisted into a bun, secure with pins.

Step 3: Put on the hat, with the brim to the side
Tilt the hat so the brim is to one side, then loosely put on the hat. The hat will help to secure the bun further.