from JJ November 2011.

For Long Hair Chapter.


12 Hairstyles with Hats: Short Hair Chapter

“Hair arrangements are hard” no longer apply these days. These hairstyles can be done even by the most clumsy girl. Here, we bring you through the arrange process step-by-step ❤

Floppy Hat X MIX Curls

“I chose a beige color that’ll make my skin look bright. The wavy brim is a highlight too.”


Step 1: Do thin MIX curls
Using a 28mm curler, curl all your hair from the roots to the ends. For your side hair, do inward curls, then mix outward curls and vertical curls on your back hair.
(More about curls here)

Step 2: Tie a pompadour with bangs
Gather up your bangs, starting from right above your eyes’ pupils. Do a single twist of the hair and secure with pins to create a pompadour.
(Pompadour step-by-step here)

Step 3: Put on the hat at an angle
Put on your hat with the right side’s brim flipped upwards for a modern feel.

Borsalino X Side Braid

“This hat comes in a unique shade… but the dark color actually goes well with most coordinations.”


Step 1: Start braiding from top left
After curling all your hair, start French braiding from the top left of your head towards your right side, behind your bangs. Leave some hair at the side to frame your face.

Step 2: Secure under left ear
Continue braiding while moving back towards your left side, until you reach the area below your left ear. Secure with a hairtie once complete.

Step 3: Put on the hat, but show off the braid
Wrap some hair around the hairtie to conceal it, and secure with pins. Put on the hat and tilt it at an angle so that your braid can be clearly seen.

Beret Hat X Loose Bun

“Beige matches easily with any hair color, so I recommend it for first-time hat buyers. The pearls add a classy touch.”


Step 1: Gather and bun at the side
Leaving some hair at the side to frame your face, gather the rest of your hair to your left side. Secure with a hairtie below the ear. Do not pull the hair ends completely through the hairtie, thus creating a loose bun.

Step 2: Loosely curl side hair
Take small portions of hair at the side of your face and do outward curls only at the hair ends. Use a 28mm curler for best results.

Step 3: Put on the hat at an angle
Put on the hat from the side opposite of your bun. Pull the top of the beret slightly forward to make your face look smaller.

Ladies’ Hat X Outward Flip

“Black gives the impression of chic. I chose one in a big size as it helps make my face look smaller.”


Step 1: Twist bangs
Divide your bangs into a 1:9 ratio, and bring them across your forehead in a loose curve. Twist the bangs a single time, then secure with pins.

Step 2: Outward curls on hair
To achieve that outward flip, use a straight iron to curl your hair outwards about 1/3 from the hair ends. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Step 3: Put on the hat at an angle that reveals your bangs
To show off your bangs, put on the hat at a tilted angle, slightly towards the back.

Bowler Hat X J-Curls

“This hat is made from felt, so it’s easy to match with any coordination. The bowl-shape is also interesting.”


Step 1: Do J-curls on hair
With a straight iron, do large inward curls on all your hair. You can also use a 38mm curler.

Step 2: Secure bangs with pins
Divide your bangs into a 1:9 ratio, and comb them across your forehead to one side. Hide the hair ends behind your side hair, and secure with pins.

Step 3: Put on the hat loosely
Tilt the hat backwards and put it on your head. This looks classy and noble!

Jockey Hat X Half-Up

“Even the manly jocket hat can look girly when it’s furry and beige.”


Step 1: Tie hair at the back
Gather up all the hair from above ear level and secure with a hairtie at the back of your head. Leave some hair at the side to frame your face. Secure the hairtie at a position slightly below ear level for best results.

Step 2: Do MIX curls on remaining hair
Using a 28mm curler, do MIX curls on your side hair, as well as all the back hair that isn’t tied up. Do outward curls on your side hair for a better look.

Step 3: Put on hat firmly at an angle
Tilt the hat at the same angle as your bangs and put it on. Be sure to push it firmly onto your head, and not just put it on loosely.