from nuts.


Saki Nanba’s Perfect Dolly Eyes

Recommended Items

Full, tufty false lashes
Too Faced Duo Eyeshadow: Skinny Dip
COCOLULU Dreaming Powder: Nuts Brown
Maybelline Lash Stylist



Step 1: Shiny pearl is key
Apply COCOLULU’s brown eyeshadow onto your upper eyelid for a natural look. Brighten up your eyes by applying Too Faced’s eyeshadow onto your lower eyelid.

Step 2: Add volume to natural lashes first
Apply mascara to your natural lashes first. This makes it easier to blend them in with the false lashes later. Maybelline’s mascara isn’t too sticky, and is good for this!!

Step 3: Cut false lashes to size
Stick on the false lashes. Cut more lashes into small portions and layer them at the outer corner. Use tweezers to make this step easier.

Step 4: Segmented false lashes for bottom lashline
Stick on segmented lashes at intervals along your bottom lashline. Choose those with long lashes to highlight your eyes more ❤