from S Cawaii Super Eye Make-up Book, shared by elle & ish.


Ikemegu’s Adult SEXY Make-up

Keeping the Country Girl Style‘s base, just altering the point make-up changes Ikemegu into a different person! Sexy make-up, with scarlet lips as the main focus. Cool gray around the eyes and sweet pink on the cheeks come together in a sweet/spicy finish.

Recommended Items

★ Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1 / Kate
★ MSH Love Liner / Sky Group
★ Sheertone Blush Pink Swoon / M.A.C
★ Rouge Allure Laque 75 Dragon / Chanel



EYE Step 1: Lots of gray eyeshadow along double eyelid
Apply the beige color from the previous tutorial over your entire eyelid, then apply the gray color (“a” on palette) onto your double eyelid!

EYE Step 2: Slight line at inner corner to add width
Apply liquid eyeliner at the inner corner to open your eyes up wide! Be sure to draw only a thin slight line, too thick a line will look scary.

CHEEK: Wide application of pink blush at high spots!
Applying pink blush in circular motions will look too sweet. We want to look more mature with this look, so blend the blush outwards.

LIP: Bold outline, less at the corners
Since this lip color is rich, be careful not to apply it outside of your natural lip boundary! Apply less lipstick at the mouth corners, or your lips will look droopy.