from JJ May 2012.


Nan-chan’s Facial Massages for Moisturized Skin!


Recommended Massage Cream

“I got this cream made from snail extract from Korea. It’s great for moisturizing” – HANSKIN Snail Healing Cream



Step 1: Using the gap between the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, firmly stroke upwards from your chin to your cheekbones. Repeat several times.

Step 2: Tension tends to accumulate at the temples, so ease the tension by fisting your hands and using the second segment of your fingers to rub the area in circular motions.

Step 3: Using the second segment of your index fingers, stroke your cheeks to bring them upwards. Start from your nostrils and move up to your temples. Repeat several times.

Step 4: Using the second segment of your index fingers, stroke down the sides of your face, from your temples along your faceline down the sides of your neck to your collarbone. This encourages the flow of lymph. Do not apply too much force, use just enough pressure such that the massage feels pleasant.

Step 5: Toxins flow around your collarbone area, so use your fingertips to rub in circular motions to encourage their flow away from the area.

Step 6: Following the flow of lymph, encourage the movement of toxins down your body. Use your palms to stroke downwards, from your armpit to your waist. With this, the facial massage is complete.