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Many girls often lament about not having enough money, but there are women who make economising on their everyday life a hobby. Giving them the nickname “pennypinchers”, we did a study on their habits.

1. No.1 at cost-splitting

Pennypinchers are severe with money. If she is in charge, she demands precise calculations for everything. She is shrewd when it comes to how much each person has to pay, and feels happy even if it inconveniences others. Her policy is “Who will not keep a penny shall never have a pound”.

2. When looking at high-quality food, reflexively calculating, “I can buy more of something else”

When seeing high-quality food, a natural response for girls would be to go “That’s lovely~♪” or “I want that~♪”, but pennypinchers immediately start to calculate. She often restrains her desires by thinking of cheaper items such as hamburgers and udon, coming up with unappealing excuses like “For such a price, I can buy 100 of something else!”

3. Foregoing drinks at cafes

A pennypincher who visits fashionable cafes feels that since she has to pay a high price for her meal anyway, she scrutinizes the menu diligently and orders just one item which she really wants to eat. Even if her friends order sets complete with drinks, she will stick with just free plain water.

4. Firm on single-layered toilet paper

For a pennypincher, all toilet papers feel the same, so she will opt for the cheapest single-layered brand. Within each roll, she determines how many sheets to use each day, and sticks to that limit.

5. Adding water to shampoo bottles for additional use

Pennypinchers will not rest until they have used every last drop of shampoo or toothpaste in the bottle. She adds water into shampoo bottles and shakes them to create foam for use, and cuts toothpaste tubes in half to squeeze out every bit. She also grumbles about companies not being economical with container design, allowing for so much residual soap to be left in the container.

6. Seeing only the cheapest plates at sushi bars

When entering a sushi bar, pennypinchers immediately seek out confirmation of which colored plates of sushi are the cheapest. She has the habit of looking out for plates of the same sushi, judging each based on the size of the cuts of fish and its freshness, and picking only the one which she deems the best. She applies the same technique at supermarkets, spending much time looking for the biggest and freshest produce with all her might.

7. Filling her stomach with taste test foods

Pennypinchers love departmental stores and product launch events. She tries out all the different foods available for taste tests, putting off actually buying anything until she is full, then happily proclaiming that she had no need to buy anything at all.

8. Appetizer cuts for regular meals at restaurants

A pennypincher doesn’t like to fork out money for unnecessary things, so she often orders appetizer-sized meals at restaurants. She remains unfazed even if friends question her decision, proudly enforcing her order of appetizer-sized cuts of food.

Regardless of whether they are in a recession, pennypinchers stick to their ways. As a result, many such women often have substantial savings which they can spend whenever they wish.

Being too stingy with money can result in an emotional uptight character, but if one can treat such practices as a game, being a pennypincher may actually be a good way to easily save up money.