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Work tomorrow, and the day after. Have you ever had thoughts like “This is a boring life, I want to quit!”? Criticisms about the “corporate lifestyle”, which describes those whose lives are dictated by their company and are unable to follow their own chosen path, have been amassing lately. However, you may just be unsuitable for a life working within a company. We provide a checklist of characteristics of such people.

#1: Uniforms do not become you

You may be wearing the same suit as everyone else, but it just doesn’t fit you well. If this is the case, you may find that corporate work uniforms will not suit you as well.

#2: Pep talks are meaningless
Pep talks often take place before the start of each workday, so you may be expected to reach the workplace an hour early to attend it. You find the boss’ morning speech boring, and would rather have some freshly-ground coffee at the cafe.

#3: Spending breaks and lunchtime alone
You prefer to spend lunchtime alone, rather than with superiors or colleagues whom you can’t click with. You get annoyed when someone sits down beside you with their lunch and tries to start conversation.

#4: Plans are not reality
Although you may be good at planning and capture your superior’s interest, your plans are ultimately deemed too novel and unrealistic.

#5: Bad with crowds
You may be talkative and engaging when speaking one-on-one, but when another colleague joins in the conversation, you are suddenly unable to speak freely. You are bad at handling crowds.

#6: No respect for superiors and seniors
You are unable to show respect for seniors if they are unable to help you out. Your supervisors might have been active workers when they were younger, but as they are older now, you feel that you can do a better job than them.

#7: Hatred for after-work socializing
You may dislike alcohol, or that colleagues become over-friendly, or when you have to drink just because the boss says so. You wish to go home as soon as possible.

#8: Hatred for fellow corporate slaves
You feel unable to get along with people who lead the corporate lifestyle, as you find them too serious and devoted to work. You dismiss them as people who will remain lowly office workers for their entire lives.

#9: Bad at handling enthusiatic people
You try to get close to those who are enthusiastic about their work and lives, but are unable to do so. You find yourself unable to talk to women and feminine men at the workplace. People who are able to dress better than you earn your dislike.

#10: Unable to frequent lounges because of attention
When you visit the washroom or staff lounge, you feel that everyone is staring at you, so you are uncomfortable visiting these areas where people gather.

#11: It’s ok to skip baths
Your hair may smell a little, but you are ok with it. In fact, it smells nice to you.

#12: Living with parents
You have never lived on your own, and high rents prevent you from even thinking about doing so. A home where dinner is always prepared for you is the best.

#13: Dislike when others receive praise
You feel jealous when your colleague receives praise from the boss. Though there is no competition, you still feel frustration.


0~4: You are suitable for a corporate lifestyle. Do your best!
5~8: You may not be totally satisfied with this lifestyle, but you are getting along well.
9~13: You are probably not suited for a corporate lifestyle. You think too differently from the average person, so getting out of your company may just be what you need.

Living outside of the corporate lifestyle may prove to be much tougher without supervisors and bosses, who actually serve to protect and guide you along. If you are insufficiently prepared and unable to adapt, you may want to relook at the checklist again to reconfirm that you are indeed unsuitable for such a life.