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from Popteen March 2012.


The magic behind changing styles! Part 1

Breaking set items up for mix-&-match, changing impressions by changing accessories, we teach you tricks to change your style without changing your wardrobe!!


Part 1: Accumulate cheap items of different colors & patterns!

Many people switch up their style by amassing lots of easy-to-wear items such as cardigans, tights and leggings! You can match each with the same outfit and still look totally different ♪


Red/white peacoat for spicy/sweet coordinations!

“Coats make an impression, especially during winter, so I bought 2 peacoats in different colors! I’m wearing the same knit dress and boots, but I look like a different person ♪”

WHITE for an instant sweet style for dates ❤
“I’ve started falling for sweet coordinations recently, so I bought this white peacoat! I love how it immediately makes me look swe~et. Perfect for dates”

RED to appear strong and confident!
“The peacoat costs ¥5,000. I like strong styles, so this eyecatching red is perfect for me! I balanced the coat out with a girly knit dress ❤”


Dark colored tights for mature styles!

“Bordeaux for a rockish look, blue for Harajuku gal style, and black for a sexy lady coordination!”

BLUE, dull and reminiscent of secondhand clothing, makes a Harajuku gal!
“I bought this for its unique and deep color. The naturally-unmatching color is great for a gal with personality ♪ I wear this when going out with friends”

BORDEAUX tights are retro and popular!
“I match this with monotone colors for a retro mature feel ★ A deep bordeaux is more stylish than plain red!”

BLACK patterned tights are mature!
“Poncho, shorts and translucent black tights are a staple coordination for winter. The diamond pattern adds to the mature feel”


4 styles with super cheap cardigans!

“I like to collect thin cardigans that I can use for layering! I can go through a full week wearing different cardigans. (laugh) Those I’m wearing today were all bought for a few hundred yen at secondhand clothes stores”

WHITE fluffy cardigan for moe-casual ❤
“White cardigans are fluffy and instantly gives you a moe-casual look ❤ I’m wearing the same top inside for all these photos, but a white cardigan makes me look more girly”

PURPLE cardigan with argyle checks for preppy!
“This cardigan goes best with fitting checked shorts! The pastel purple adds a hint of mischief! I wear this to school”

NAVY chic cardigan for a ladylike look ♪
“This cardigan has 3/4 sleeves. It’s great for matching with various inner long-sleeved tops, and the Dolman-like cut is mature, I wear it lots!”

BLUE, perfectly deep colors for a cool look!
“This blue is slightly dark, so it gives a gyaru-cool feel. It looks best with matched with a hat”


Super cheap leggings for 3 different coordinations!

“I wear leggings once every few days! They’re cheap and make my legs look thin, so I own about 7 pairs”

DENIM, surefire for a casual ladylike style!
“I bought this at StyleLab. The denim is faded, so it makes me look like a young lady ♪ The boots are from GALSTAR!”

ZEBRA pattern for Shibuya’s sexy GAL!
“The leggings are from GARURA for ¥5,900. Zebra stripes look strong, yet cute. I wear this when I attend Marukyu and such”

BLACK ripped leggings to transform into a stylish GAL!
“The leggings are ¥3,900, from StyleLab. I love the bold rips. It gives the impression of a strong GAL when matched with GARURA’s coat”


Black/white cardigan for spicy/sweet change!

“Different colors of the popular double-knit cardigan changes me from a moe style to a young lady!”

SPICY black knit for outings with seniors ❤
“A black double-knit instantly changes me into a mature young lady. I bought this at CECIL. The exposed shoulder is sexy too ♪”

SWEET white knit X flower patterns for dates!
“This knit costs ¥5,000 at INGNI. It’s flowy and cute ♪ I matched it with INGNI’s flower skirt for a girly coordination!”


Freely change from flashy to cool with colored shorts!

“I can be Girls’ Generation by myself just by changing the color of my shorts. (laugh) It makes my legs look beautiful too!”

FLASHY shorts for a mischievous puti-celeb coordination!
“Modern orange shorts from my hometown. When matched with leopardprint, I look really flashy”

DENIM, the staple for a rough boyish GAL!
“I bought these shorts at EGO. The denim gives a cool and rough image. This coordination is great for dance events”

COOL with all-black innerwear!
“The black shorts are from H&M for ¥2,400. It’s great for all occasions. I matched it with me Jane’s coat for a cool style”


Part 2: Breaking up coordinated sets!