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The Genroku (butterfly) knot is recommended for those going for a stylish look, instead of the usual cute style. Match it with a chic kimono for a mature lady look.

How to tie the Genroku knot

Step 1: Place the middle of the obi flat against the front of your body.

Step 2: Wrap the right section of the obi round your back and bring it back to the front. Fold the obi in half and place it over your right shoulder.

Step 3: Wrap the left section round your back once.

Step 4: Fold the obi at an angle as shown.

Step 5: Bring the obi section down from your shoulder, and pull it downwards.

Step 6: Tie a simple knot with the 2 sections.

Step 7: Place the top section over your left shoulder, and pull the bottom section to the right.

Step 8: Keeping the obi folded in half-width, fold the obi back lengthwise as shown to create a “wing”.

Step 9: Pull the section over your shoulder downwards.

Step 10: Wrap the section inwards beneath the folded obi to create a bow knot.

Step 11: Take the bottom right section and open it up to reveal the inner color. If you want to show the outer color instead, just twist the section around until the outer color is facing outwards.

Step 12: Fold the section in towards your body, pass it beneath the bow, and pull upwards.

Step 13: Open up the bottom left section as well.

Step 14: Repeat Step 12 to pull this section up behind the bow.

Step 15: Tuck any excess at the bottom of the bow into the obi wrapped around your waist.

Step 16: Adjust the bow and press the top pieces down over it, then twist the knot to the back of your body. Adjust the bow once again, and you’re done.

Variations on the Genroku knot

You can try opening up the sections of obi which have been folded in half, for a more colorful and complex finish. You can also change the length of the bow for a different look.