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from Ageha July 2012.


Wavy Half-Up

A casual half-up style, with a dimensional braided hairband as an accent ♥


Curls add volume to this style. Being a popular look, there are many girls who make this fitting style their trademark ♥



Step 1: Start with braiding ♪
Separate your side hair from your back hair, creating a divide where your ears are. Start french-braiding the side hair across your head ♪ Make the braid thick for a cuter look ♥

Step 2: Do mix curls on thin sections of your hair ♥
Using a 32-mm curler, do mix curls on the rest of your hair ♪ Do inward curls on the hair close to your faceline

Step 3: Tie a half-up
Take up the end of the braided hair, as well as all hair above your ears, and tie everything into a half-up

Step 4: Do back-combing on the roots
Gently do back-combing near the roots of your tied up hair. Be sure not to overdo it, and leave your hairends untouched ★

Step 5: Scatter the half-up
Apply hairspray onto thin sections of the half-up as you fluff up and scatter your hair

Step 6: Slight curl on your bangs ♪
Use a curler to gently curl your bangs inwards, and you’re done ♪