from JJ December 2011.

Inoue Akiko’s French actress look

With a brown base on the eyes, we can mimic the French actress’ look! An upward eyeline and smiling moist pink lips, Akiko-chan shares her make-up technique.


Recommended Items for EYE

E1: unasol 3-Dimensional Eyes 01
E2: Yves Saint Laurent Cream Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils No6
E3: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24 WP SB01
E4: Helena Lash Queen Cobra Black WP

Recommended Items for LIP

L1: MAC Lipstick MYTH
L2: shu uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Evil Pink
L3: Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss 35



Step 1: Use a beige shade that blends into your skin. Apply the slightly shimmery beige on the upper right of the palette onto your entire eyelid. Use Item E1.

Step 2: Mix the colours on the bottom right of the palette and apply it onto your double eyelid area using a brush. Draw a thick line along your outer half of your bottom lashline. Using a beige palette to create light and shadow gives a soft feel. Use Item E1.

Step 3: Draw your eyeline thin at the inner corner, slowly increasing in thickness until you reach the outer corner. Extend the eyeline out past your natural eye length, and end with an upward wingtip. Use Item E2.

Step 4: To open up your eyes, strengthen your eyeline by filling up the gaps between your upper lashes. Use Item E3.

Step 5: Use a curler on your natural lashes, then apply mascara liberally onto both upper and lower lashes. For the upper lashes, be sure to apply from the roots upwards. For the lower lashes, apply mascara to each lash separately. Use Item E4.


Step 1: Use a pink beige colour to lessen the redness of your lips to match your skintone. This also helps to bring out the lip colour to be applied later. Use Item L1.

Step 2: Apply the lip colour from the center of your lips outwards. Use Item L2.

Step 3: Apply a golden gloss, going slightly out of your lip outline, to create the effect of full lips. Use Item L3.


Extra notes!
Control the application of beige at the inner corner of the eye, and emphasize the eyeline.
If your eyes tend to appear severe, use a dark green eyeliner instead.
If your lips are too red, apply a layer of pink on top to lessen the redness.