from Popteen March 2012.


My Duck Lips ❤

An instant moe look with these magical lips!!


Recommended Items

L1: Covermark Concealer
L2: JILL Lip balm
L3: JILL Jelly lip gloss
L4: Etude House Fantastic Rouge Gloss No.5


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Use concealer L1 to hide all redness from your lips, and to erase away the sides of your lower lip. This gives your lips a natural smile.

Step 2: Gently blend the concealer in with a sponge. Tap lightly on your skin with the edge of the sponge to contain the spread.

Step 3: Apply lip balm L2 in a smooth layer. Avoid the sides of your lower lip, which is hidden by concealer, while focusing on the center of your lips for a plump look.

Step 4: Take up gloss L3 on a brush and apply it at the sides of your lips, in a “<” shape. Apply the gloss slightly out of your natural lip edge, for about 1mm. Don’t apply it too far out, or it will look unnatural!

Step 5: Apply gloss L3 generously over your entire lip area. However, leave the sides of your lips untouched to preserve the shape of the duck lips.

Step 6: Apply gloss L4 onto the center of your lips to add shine. Apply a little more on the lower lip to create a pout.