from NAIL UP! March 2012.

Milky Pink Nails

Colourful pastels for pretty chicks who wish for their love to reach out ❤


Recommended Items

A: Base coat
B: Lame Manicure Polish (Aqua)
C: Lame Manicure Polish (Purple)
D: Lame Manicure Polish (White)
E: Top coat
F: Metal parts (Hearts)


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Apply base coat A over your entire nail. Apply aqua lame polish B in a wavy line at the tip of your nail. Don’t be afraid to load up your brush tip with polish ♪

Step 2: Similar to Step 1, apply purple lame polish C in a wavy line at the tip of your nail. Keep the brush pressure light to prevent uneven spreading.

Step 3: Apply white lame polish D neatly over your entire nail. Do this step only when the aqua and purple parts have dried completely ☆

Step 4: Apply a thin coat of top coat E, then stick on 2 metal hearts as shown. Apply another layer of top coat E to finish.



Load up your brush tip with lots of polish!
One reason for an uneven coat of polish is repeated application of many thin layers. So be sure to load up lots of polish on your brush tip before application!

Cover up mistakes with studs!
If the lines you drew are uneven, use studs to cover them up. It also helps to up the elegance of your nail design ♪

Other Designs!

Checks and dots on girly pink for a cute appeal ❤

Striking stripes ups the style of this design! Decorate your nails with fashion ♪

Pastel marble shades match well with a mature boyfriend ❤

Chocolate sauce toppings on your nails ❤ Make yourself a gift for someone today