from Ageha July 2012.

Kagomika’s Cat Eyes

Large and gentle cat eyes with sweet down-pointing tearducts and long drooping lashes ❤

Tearduct make-up adds 1.5mm to inner corner
Long false lashes add 14mm to outer corner


Recommended Items

A: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hr WP SB01
B: Luminous Change Eyelash Cool Beauty eye 04
C: RIMMEL Chocolate Sweet Eyes 003
D: Dolly Wink No.14


Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Curl your natural lashes with a curler before attaching B’s false lashes! Leave a gap at the inner corner (refer to close up image on top), and twist the lashbone a little at the outer corner to make the lashes droop.

Step 2: Using the darkest colour on C’s palette, draw a triangle at the outer corner of your lower eyelid as shown. This creates a shadow that enlarges your eyes!

Step 3: D’s false lashes are thick at the outer corner, which is perfect for this look! Align it such that the outer end of the lash is about 2mm below the outer corner of your eye (refer to close up image on top).

POINT! Use A’s eyeliner to draw a tiny triangle to extend your tearduct. For a sweet look, draw the tip downwards. For a cool look, draw the tip straight. I’m going for the sweet look these days ❤


Close-up of tearduct make-up


*Extreme right is without make-up