from Popteen April 2013.


Antique dresses are highly recommended for spring!
Roses, angels, cameos… It’s Ank’s original print design. Note the ribbons at the collar ♪
Original print dress, choker, thick-soled shoes with Ank logo / Ank Rouge
Flower crown / model’s own


Even T-shirts can look girly when in lavender ♪
The ballet shoes print and ribbon attached to the chest are the accents. The raglan sleeves are comfy and gives the T-shirt a girly feel.
Raglan top, floral culottes / Ank Rouge

Retro floral dress with red ribbons!
Even though red is used, the dress looks retro instead of marine, and makes the wearer look cute ❤ Go for the ultimate girly coordination with just one dress!
Floral dress / Ank Rouge
Pumps / R&E

Chiffon-backed top ❤
This year’s fashion is the replacement of the backs of tops with chiffon to negate the casual nature of T-shirts! Goes amazingly well with lace bottoms.
Logo top, lace culottes / Ank Rouge

Unmistakable love for caped cardigans
Designed with tulle lace to look like a cape. As it is a button-down, it looks totally fashionable when paired with a dress!
Lace cardigan, rompers (worn underneath) / Ank Rouge
Ribbon barette / model’s own

Pearls and castle print for a simple yet elegant look!
Pearls attached at the collar makes it fashionable ★ The print along the skirt is that of a castle skyline!
Ruffled blouse with collar, denim skirt, thick-soled shoes with Ank logo / Ank Rouge
Ribbon / model’s own

Sudden increase in girliness with a black ribbon~ ♪
The shoes are a new design by Ank too! These thick-soled shoes with a cameo will definitely be on heavy rotation ❤
Blouse, jumper skirt, bag, thick-soled shoes with Ank logo / Ank Rouge
Ribbon barette / model’s own

Ank introduces simple adult fashion too!
The most mature, cool and simple set from Ank. The cardigan is the point!
Cardigan and rompers set / Ank Rouge
Pumps / FLAG-J

Monotone girly with gingham ❤
A gingham blouse and skirt with a ribbon at the waist. A monotone but girlish set.
Checked shirt, flare culottes / Ank Rouge

Surefire combi: antique skirt and blouse
The skirt version of the dress featured on the first page. The blouse is decorated with satin ribbons and tiny buttons ❤
Ribbon frilled blouse, original print skirt / Ank Rouge
Pumps / Shop NikoNiko

A rare bambi print dress
This dress is of a rare design ❤ The collar in the shape of a ribbon is cute too! The back comes in sailor colours, so it’s a must check!
Bambi print dress / Ank Rouge
Shoes / Dreamv

Complete the popular style with cardigan and skirt ❤
The cardigan is a popular item, with flowers and pearls attached, and a cute translucent feel around the neck. The skirt has pearls attached too, and is high-waisted to give the illusion of long legs.
Flower motif cardigan, pearl skirt / Ank Rouge

A fluffy docking dress
A pleasant dress, made of a top and a bottom sewn together. The top is off-shoulder and can be worn as such.
Chiffon floral docking dress, satin pumps / Ank Rouge
Floral barette / Spinns

Total spring mood with pink X lavender ♪
Cute matching colours for the tank top and T-shirt! Cursive fonts, angel wings and crosses are printed onto the shorts.
T-shirt with tank top, denim shorts / Ank Rouge
Ribbon / model’s own

Super obsessed and proud of this skirt ❤
The scallops along the hem and the pin pleats at the waist, plus a belt with 2 ribbons attached; such a cute skirt~
Gingham blouse, pleated skirt with belt / Ank Rouge
Ribbon / model’s own

All attention on Okarie in purple gingham!!
This dress has checks of different sizes all over, so it looks fashionable even when worn without accessories!
Gingham checked dress / Ank Rouge
Ribbon barette / PARIS KID’S

Mature, yet totally cute with a round collar ❤
A docking dress of top and bottom. At first glance, it gives off a mature feel, but the round collar and chiffon adds to the cuteness. The dotted ribbon is detachable!
Dotted ribbon docking dress / Ank Rouge

Pink and lace are Ank’s speciality!
A top made of jersey fabric, with a ribbon at the collar ♪ Wear it with pumpkin shorts for a casual girly look!
Jersey top with ribbon, lace pumpkin shorts / Ank Rouge
Pumps / Shop NikoNiko
Ribbon / model’s own

Ank’s spring fashion is lavender!
An attention-grabbing lavender blouse. Ank is venturing into lavender for the first time, so keep an eye on us! A recommended item that matches with everything.
Ruffled blouse with collar, denim shorts / Ank Rouge

Dungarees with tight sleeves: a refreshing change ♪
A shirt with just a little sex appeal with cursive fonts and prints on the front!
Open-shoulder dungaree shirt, lace culottes / Ank Rouge
In-sole sneakers / Bershka Japan

A mermaid aqua dress, a hot favourite ❤
A breezy spring dress in aqua. Lace and tulle are attached at the skirt, great for a fluffy floating look! Translucence is highly recommended fashion for this year~
Dress / Ank Rouge