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from Bea’s UP June 2014.


Get the perfect look for formal ballroom functions, without the need for touch-ups!

Formal functions usually last for 3 hours or more. In order to minimize the amount of make-up items you’ll need to store in your tiny clutch bag, let’s apply the ultimate foundation that doesn’t need any touch-ups!



A: MAQuillAGE Beauty Keep Base UV SPF27.PA+++
B: MAQuillAGE True Liquid Long Keep UV Ochre 30 SPF30.PA+++
C: Cle de Peau Beaute Rehausseur de Clat 11

How To Make-up

Step 1: Apply base A, which carries the slightest tinge of pink, over the entire face, for that all-natural blush.

Step 2: Gently apply a pearl-size drop of B onto half of the face, using a sponge. Blend with fingers. Repeat with other half of face.

Step 3: Apply C over the entire face. It selas the foundation and adds shine.