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from KERA July 2014.


Translucent pink eyes and cheeks, paired with rosy lips for a sweet, cute look. A brown base adds gentleness!



A: nudymore The Liquid Foundation 2
B: IPSA Creative Concealer
C: Shining Moon Powder
D: CARDINALE Eyeshadow
E: Eye Colour Palette
F: CEZANNE Super Fine Eyeliner N Brown
G: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara 02
H: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder 02
I: CARDINALE Mix Cheek 02
J: Nail Stickers
K: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK009
L: Dior Lip Maximizer

How To Make-up: Foundation

Step 1: Apply A onto the skin. Press gently with a clean puff to remove excess.

Step 2: Cover pimple scars and freckles with B. Blend gently with finger pads.

Step 3: Apply C over the entire face. You now have marshmallow skin.

How To Make-up: Eyes

Step 4: Apply D’s brown (bottom right) to the outer corners of the upper and bottom lids to bring out the eyes.

Step 5: Apply E’s pink (2nd from top right) over the outer corner of the upper eyelid to lengthen the eyes.

Step 6: With F, draw a line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. For the lower lashline, draw a line only along the outer 1/3.

Step 7: Use a full-type false lash for the upper lashes. For the lower lashes, apply false lashes only at the outer corner.

Step 8: Apply G onto the brows. The bright brown will tone up the brows.

Step 9: Blend the pinks of H and I, and fill up the spaces of the brows.

How To Make-up: Cheek

Step 10: Blend I’s colours with a brush and apply high on the cheekbones in straight strokes outwards for peachy cheeks.

Step 11: Apply J’s stickers below the outer corners of the eye to add a touch of playfulness.

How To Make-up: Lips

Step 12: Use K to outline the lips, then apply fully. The pink hides any redness.

Step 13: Apply L over the entire lip. The gloss adds shine for juicy lips.