S Cawaii! / ShufunoTomo Sha
from S Cawaii! June 2014.



A: RIMMEL Professional Eyebrow Mascara 003
B: NARS JAPAN Matte Multiple 1583
C: laura mercier Caviar Eyestick Colour Orchid
D: laura mercier Rouge Nouveau Lip Colour Mods
E: PAUL & JOE BEAUTE Silky Smooth Foundation UV 102 SPF25.PA++

How To Make-up

Step 1: Mature purple over the entire eyelid
Apply a pearly purple onto the entire eyelid, thickening the colour at the double eyelid and outer corner.

Step 2: Brown eyebrow mascara
To help the red lips stand out, colour brows a soft, bright brown. Choose a tone 2 times brighter than your original brow colour.

Step 3: Fingertips high on cheekbones!
Apply a glossy cheek colour for a bright look. Tap the colour on gently with your fingertips high on the cheekbone.

Step 4: Sure red lips!
Apply lip colour directly for a casual feel. Emphasize your upper lip just a little to add a touch of cool!

Step 5: Matte lips to complete
Red lips can be vulgar if too red, so use a tissue to blot off for a balanced colour.

How To Style Hair

Step 1: Straighten hair!
For that sharp look, you need straight hair! Ensure that the hair doesn’t curl to frame your face.

Step 2: Cool 80/20 split!
Divide your bangs into 80/20. Using hair oil or wax, style flat along the split for a sharp look!