mina / Shufu no Tomo Sha
from mina July 2014.


Gather your curly tresses to the side and secure the rest with pins for a neat style!

How To Style

Step 1: Curl your hair with a curler, then gather your bangs and pull and twist towards the back. Insert a pin to secure it for a pompadour.

Step 2: Divide the remaining hair into left and right sections. Gather up most of the hair in the right section and twist it towards the left. Secure behind the left ear with pins.

Step 3: Gather up all the hair in the left section and start twisting it from above the left ear towards the back of the head. Secure with pins. Gather all loose hair ends together into a single bunch.

Step 4: Attach decorative pins above the left ear. Use your fingers to loosen the bunch of hair ends to add volume.