from Popteen June 2014.




A sweet dress with puffy sleeves / Tarara
Necklace and socks / GALSTAR
Sandals / Ank Rouge Shibuya 109 Store

How To Make-up: Eyes

I try to stick the false lashes close to my lashline for a natural look. After school, I change to Cinderella Blue lenses. I added silver glitter below my eyes for that deep-sea look~

Step 1: Apply the pink as a base along the upper and lower eyelids. Pink brings out the cute.
ITEM: Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes N101

Step 2: Use the chip brush to apply blue at the inner corner. Spread the colour gently to the middle of the lid.

Step 3: Apply green to the outer corner. Make sure to apply it high so that the colours can be seen when your eyes are open. Draw a black eyeline.

Step 4: Apply the eyelid liner from under your pupil, then spread to the inner corner. This is the highlight of deep-sea make-up!
ITEM: Jill Stuart Diamond Dew Eyelid Liner 01

How To Make-up: Cheek

Step 1: Using the pads of your fingers, pat a glossy cheek colour next to your nose for a small face. Apply within a small circle.
ITEM: M.A.C Casual Colour For Your Amusement

Step 2: Mix the 2 colours in the palette above, then apply it on top of the first layer of colour.
ITEM: Jill Stuart Mix Brush Compact N101

How To Make-up: Lips

Step 1: Apply treatment cream with your finger. It helps to keep in moisture and add a natural shine.
ITEM: Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Summer Tinted Lip Balm 102

Step 2: Apply the gloss in a left-right motion. The translucent pink is really natural.
ITEM: Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N